8 Wonderful Ideas for Summer Fun That You Should Try This Year ...


8 Wonderful Ideas for Summer Fun That You Should Try This Year ...
8 Wonderful Ideas for Summer Fun That You Should Try This Year ...

Being so close to summer, it’s about time to start thinking about some awesome ideas for summer fun! Summer is an ideal time to relax and to spend time with the family, so ideas for summer fun that involve the family or close friends are definitely important! Try some or all of these fun summer ideas! You have a lot of time to fill up with fun activities!

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Summer Parties

Hosting summer parties is one of the best ideas for summer fun! Since the weather is so nice, you can have games outside for kids and adults and keep refreshments and snacks inside where it's cool. Summer parties don't have to be expensive or outlandish either! Just get a few friends together to hang out and have everyone bring something to do or eat! There are endless possibilities in those warm, summer months!


Drive-in Movie Theaters

Every year I have made a list of things I want to do over the summer time and every year this has been on it! And the sad part is, I have never been to one! I have heard so much about how fun it is to simply pull up to a screen and watch a movie on the big screen from the comfort of your car! And this way, you don't have to hear everyone else's comments they have to say about the movie or the crinkling or their candy bar wrappers. But if you don't have a car, there is an easy way to do this at home too! Set up a sheet in the backyard or point the projector at the wall and sit on some comfy cushions in your own home and have a movie marathon! I cannot wait to do this in the summer!



If you're not much for the outdoors or sleeping in a tent then this may not be the right idea for you. But if you do love the great outdoors, then why not test your luck at camping? Sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows, and singing songs have always been fun times for my family and I during those long, summer months. It's a great way to step back from the craziness of life. Plus it will really make you appreciate the simple luxuries of life, like a hairdryer!


Star Gazing

I have always been a sucker for looking up at a clear night sky, searching for constellations. Lying alone or with someone special on a quiet night with nothing but the sound of crickets surrounding you is truly an amazing experience. And since summer nights are usually warm and cozy, sleeping under the stars after you've had your fill is a great way to end a fun-filled summer day!


Going to the Beach

This classic idea for summer fun is something that I have done every summer of my entire life! When I was little, I loved the beach because I could build sand castles and nowadays I still love the beach because I can sit and tan while reading a good book with the soothing sounds of the waves in front of me. I love the beach so much, I am getting excited thinking about it!



If you have a grill or know anyone who has one, then you already know how awesome barbecues are! There is nothing better than a smoky taste to a burger with a refreshing lemonade to wash it down. And having all of your friends and family around you enjoying a good meal is even better!


Catching Fireflies

When I was young, I had a large field next to my house that was filled with fireflies every night during the summertime. And after I learned how to catch a firefly and cup it in my hand, I attempted to catch every firefly in the entire field! And even now, when I see a firefly pass by, I can't help but catch the little guy! This is such a fun way to spend summer nights that the time just slips by!



If you love food as much as I do, then having picnics is probably one of your favorite things to do in the summer! So break out the picnic basket and fill it with all of your favorite sandwiches and goodies, grab a friend or two and a checkered tablecloth or blanket, and hit the park! Set everything up under a nice, shady tree and enjoy the company!

Doing all of these fun ideas is why the summertime has always been my favorite season! What do you love to do in the summer for fun?

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Nice Article!

Hmm common sense ideas!! Too bad the weather in NJ is too hot and humid to enjoy most of them!!

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