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Summer Plans to Make before Fall Arrives ...

By Casey

While the cold weather does bring fun new activities, you can’t help but miss some of the joys of summer. This is why you need to take advantage of these last warm weeks and fit in as many summery activities as possible! Here are a few ideas.

1 Camping

If heading to the woods is your idea of fun then grab some friends or your significant other and don’t forget the smores kit.

2 Cottage Weekend

When summer ends, the cottage weekends are missed the most. But it’s not too late to fit some more in before Fall!


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3 Hit the Beach

A summery activity that never gets old. Whether you’re in the mood to down a cocktail or throw a football, this is the place to go!

4 Find Cool Bars

You can’t deny that bar-hopping is slightly more fun when it’s not freezing outside. Take advantage of this warm weather and find some new spots.

5 Hit a Patio

This is the first summer activity that blows up your Instagram every year, and for good reason! One of the best parts of summer is hitting the patios.

6 Eat at a Food Truck

If you live in a city with a cold winter, you know all too well that the food trucks go into hibernation. Go pig out on your favourite street food before it drives away for the season.

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