Don't Let Being Broke Spoil Your Summer ...


Don't Let Being Broke Spoil Your Summer ...
Don't Let Being Broke Spoil Your Summer ...

We’re all experiencing some amazing weather right now, so it would be sad to waste it. Don’t let being broke spoil your summer. People always regard winter as being the most expensive season to get through, mostly because of everything that the holiday season entails, but the truth is that summer can be a sneakily expensive season too. It seems that as soon as the sun comes out, things become more pricey in the streets, and all of the activities that you might want to enjoy with your friends certainly don’t come for free either! Money obviously helps in times like this, but it isn’t the be all and end all of whether or not you are able to enjoy your summer. Here are a handful of ways to enjoy summer even when you’re broke.

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Get a Job

Well, it makes sense, right!? Get yourself a part time job during the summer so that you can make some cash to enjoy all of the things that you otherwise would have to miss out on!



You don’t have to pay to get in to a certain location to have fun. Pack a rucksack and head out exploring with your friends. Summer hikes are beautiful.



If you have a smartphone, you have a good camera! Unleash your imagination and turn into a summertime photographer. Explore areas and see if you can get some interesting shots.



Make the effort to take up a new hobby. Summer will feel much more productive if you can spend it doing something like teaching yourself how to play the guitar!



Get out of the house and get involved with a local sports team. From softball to soccer to basketball and everything in between, there is pretty much something for everyone!


Get down!

Hey, if you have a partner or willing frisky buddy, sex is probably the most fun activity you can participate in for free! It’s hot outside, so why not stay instead and get hot instead!



Escape the frugal reality of your own life and jump into the escapism of others. Summer reads are some of the most interesting and addictive ever!



You should do this by taking advantage of the library. Buying new books can be really expensive, but if you have a library card, you have access to the largest list of reads in your town!



Museums are free to visit and can make for really great days out. Where else can you experience so much culture and history for no cost?



Don’t think that you have to be out and busy the whole time. There is great pleasure to be taken in just chilling out at your house with some great snacks and great friends. And it’s cheap too!


Online Escape

Take advantage of all of the great things that you can do with your computer. From live streaming festivals to completing a creative project there’s tons of fun.



Do something productive with your time that also helps less fortunate people out in the form of volunteering.

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