Super-Fun Things All Girls Should Tick off Their Bucket List before Summer Ends ...


Super-Fun Things All Girls Should Tick off Their Bucket List before Summer Ends ...
Super-Fun Things All Girls Should Tick off Their Bucket List before Summer Ends ...

We’re getting closer to the end of summer and while fall brings its own set of simple pleasures, it can be a little sad to see summer end. That’s why it’s important to squeeze in a few more fun things before the sunny season is over. Make the most of the summer days you’ve got left! These are 7 ways to do that.

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Enjoy Fresh Produce 🌽

Fruits and vegetables have an entirely different taste when they’re straight from the farm rather than from your local grocery. It’s great that we can get fruits and vegetables all year round from the grocery store but when you can, buy fresh. Visit your local farmer’s market or roadside stand to get the best of summer’s produce. Everyone has their favorites. I love fresh cucumbers, yellow tomatoes, corn, watermelon and peaches!


Going Barefoot 💋

There’s something enticing about the feel of fresh grass beneath your feet. Better yet, the feel of sand between your toes! Wherever you are, enjoy going barefoot before you have to start wearing closed toed shoes again. While you’re at it, wear all your favorite sandals before you have to pack them away. Every season has its pleasures and this is one of summer’s best.


Going for Ice Cream🍨

You can enjoy ice cream year round and most of us do, but isn’t it extra special in the summer? It tastes a little sweeter, don’t you think? There’s nothing like a nice cool treat on a hot day. Visit your favorite ice cream shop while the heat of summer is on. This outing makes the perfect cheap date, too!


Make Fresh Squeezed Lemonade🍋

If you’re not making fresh squeezed lemonade then you’re missing out. It’s right up there with southern sweet tea! It’s one of the most refreshing drinks you can have on a hot day. If you don’t have a favorite recipe then you can find thousands to choose from by doing a simple Google search. And it’s perfectly okay to tweak it a bit to make it your own!


Squeeze in One Last Trip to the Beach🏖

I’m still not quite sure why I don’t live at the beach with my deep love for it but sadly, I’m landlocked! If you’re close enough, enjoy those weekend day trips to the beach. Hearing the waves crash while you soak up the sun is one of the best feelings in the world. It’s as if the stress of life just melts away. This is a summer fun activity that’s a must to squeeze in!

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Be Artistic with Chalk🖼

Drawing with chalk is fun! I’m into my 30s now (shh! don’t tell!) and I still love to enjoy an afternoon of chalk art. You can make huge, elaborate drawings that are fun and creative while enjoying the outdoors. It’s easy clean up, too, since the rain will easily wash it all away. Enjoy this activity with your children, nieces and nephews or just by yourself!


Have a Lazy Pool Day👙

This may be the ultimate way to spend the last of your summer days. Lazy pool days are the best. What’s better than spending your time in a gorgeous pool? At the end of the day, you’re relaxed and have a lovely sun-kissed glow. It’s the perfect way to spend time with friends!

These are 7 fun things to squeeze in before summer ends. Which ones do you want to do? Share your thoughts!

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Gaze up at the night sky and watch for shooting stars!

#'s 4 & 6 are the only ones I haven't done so far!

Yeah Phx AZ metro area here and I wish summer was almost over. It won't start cooling down here until September or October

The summer is not over yet so let's not wish it away as yet

Oh yes, enjoy the last day's of summer!

Love most of these my son put in a pot all his wishes to do throughout summer the fresh lemonade picnics walking on grass n days at the beach jumping the waves the last one we've yet to do and is a must ! Cold watermelon sitting round the Lido was another fun day out ! Life is for living people enjoy the simple things in life as they are the most special !

Lovely and affordable


Hehe I live in southern Arizona where most of my friends and I hide inside like a bunch of vampires.

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