10 Amazing DIY Miniature Tutorials by 1 Inch Minis ...


DIY Miniature Tutorials fill my Pinterest home page.

I am still on my miniature dollhouse phase and I pretty much repin all awesome miniature DIY projects I encounter.

A good number of them link back to 1 Inch Minis by Kris.3

If you love to make your own miniature furniture and accessories, you will absolutely enjoy this blog.

Kris is all sorts of fantastic.

Her DIY miniature tutorials are so incredible I end up with my jaw on the floor whenever I check out her blog.

I have gathered here 10 that I think you will love.

1. Cathedral Radio

Cathedral Radio

Adorable, right?

Not only is this DIY miniature tutorial fun to follow, you will also be rewarded with a fantastic dollhouse radio.

I love this post on 1 Inch Minis because you get helpful tips on painting and giving handmade mini furniture that antique finish.

2. Vintage Kitchen Chair

Vintage Kitchen Chair

Yes, those are miniature chairs.

Even more astounding: they are handmade.2

This is probably the miniature tutorial that made me a die hard fan of Kris.2

Check out the link for the complete set of instructions.

3. Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet

Can you believe that this is made of mat board?

Kris is ridiculously talented, I tell you.

Now don't worry if this looks a bit complicated.

The link below will lead you to a comprehensive step-by-step guide.

4. Roll Top Bread Box

Roll Top Bread Box

Too cute!

If you don't want to start with the previous miniature DIY project, you can go for this much smaller one.

You will need mat board for this, too.

5. Paper Basket

Paper Basket

The little details are the best parts about any miniature dollhouse project.

And making this paper basket will help your shabby-chic kitchen or garden shed look even more delightful.

6. Ottoman


Before I found 1 Inch Minis, I attempted to make an ottoman for a miniature study I was making.

It was a complete fail.

Armed with Kris's miniature tutorial, I am certain that my next attempt will no longer be fraught with frustrated sighs.3

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