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7 Pets That Are Easy to Take Care of ...

By Pinky

I’m such an animal lover it’s hard to pick just one of the pets that are easy to take care of! But, I have had my share of taking care of a few different types of animals and I’ve narrowed it down to 7 pets that are easy to take care of! This is coming from someone who has two toddlers and two dogs! Here are some pets that can make your home even homier!


Beta fishes, also known as fighting fishes, are on my list of pets that are easy to take care of! They don’t require much equipment - no filters necessary as these fishes have a second set of gills that help them breathe! They eat just about anything from living worms, brine, fish food or beta food! I make sure to keep my beta in a nice vase where I put bamboo stalks; I change the water regularly and add beta conditioner which removes all those harsh toxins from tap water. Betas are very easy to care for!


Now, I’m allergic to these feline friends - BUT, I know that cats are very self-sufficient and don’t require too much! Cats clean themselves, go to the bathroom themselves and don’t need to be let out. Besides the basic love and attention, these are self-sufficient pets (minus those vet trips)! Who doesn’t want easy and lovable to care for? That’s why cats make it on my list of pets that are easy to take care of!


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When I was younger I was fascinated by hermit crabs! These little gals are very low-maintenance. They just need a few things like sand, salt and fresh water, along with food! Throw in some love and TLC this crab will be dancing out of its shell! Who doesn’t want a dancing crab?! I sure do!


That’s right ladies and gents, I said reptiles! Meaning snakes, lizards, turtles, etc.! These scaly fiends are great, easy pets! Like all pets they do require necessary equipment, TLC, love and food! My sister has two lizards and until now they make me shiver, but, they’re very easy to care for, and fun to have around the house! Maybe Godzilla would be a great addition to my household!


Gold fishes are also pets that are easy to care for! Although they too require necessary equipment, they just need the simple maintenance of water, balance it with food and cleanliness of a tank. I also have a goldfish in an aquarium and a beta fish in a vase. Both water pets make the room livelier and give the room some nice eye candy!


Now, dogs are fun, active, and some people might think they aren’t easy to care for! Although, I put dogs on my list for pets that are easy to take care of, they do require a little more attention than most animals. Essential basic training and house breaking are key factors in caring for a dog! I have two, and I love them!


I had a hamster as a first pet, and it’s one of the funnier animals I’ve owned. They too require minimal attention but, do require a lot of equipment from bedding, toys, and food. But, like all the other pets they need TLC and to be played with! But, with all their fun toys they have for hamsters who wouldn’t want to play with the furry friend? I would!

These are my 7 pets that are easy to take care of; there are many other different types of species that I didn’t mention that would also be easy to care for! Just don’t forget all pets just want a little of your time from TLC, playing, and maintaining its environment. Balance all that out and it’s as good as gold! Do you have any pets you want to recommend for my list?

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