11 Unique Dog Breeds You'll Find Absolutely Adorable ...


11 Unique Dog Breeds You'll Find Absolutely Adorable ...
11 Unique Dog Breeds You'll Find Absolutely Adorable ...

You’ll see dozens of pups in your lifetime, but there are unique dog breeds you may never come across. Some have similar traits to dogs you’re familiar with and others look a bit more exotic. No matter their shapes and sizes, these unique dog breeds are all cute as can be. So enjoy learning about these pups and try not to hurt yourself by smiling too wide.

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Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier No, that’s not a lamb. When Bedlington Terriers are puppies, they have dark coats that fade as they age. This is one of the unique dog breeds that is good with children and isn’t difficult to take care of. As long as he gets a good amount of exercise and has his fur trimmed, he’ll keep his tail wagging. If you’re thinking of rescuing one, just make sure you don’t mind loud barking and a stubborn attitude.



Catalburun Have you ever seen anything so cute? This little doggie has a split nose. Even though it looks unique, it works well and gives the Catalburun a strong sense of smell. This makes them great hunters, for they are able to track well. They’re mostly seen in Turkey and aren’t well-known in other countries.



Schipperke From Belgium, these doggies are expected to live from thirteen to fifteen years. As adorable as they are, they’re known to cause trouble. Sometimes referred to as ‘the little black devil,’ these dogs like to chase other animals and disobey their owners. They can be aggressive and should be kept away from fellow canines. They require training and aren’t good for the weak-willed, but are able to be taught to change their ways.


Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff Don’t let the name fool you. This dog isn’t actually a mastiff. The word is only included in its name because it means ‘large dog.’ They are known as guardians and have been used to protect people, places, and herds. Since they’re very protective, they won’t be happy if their owners allow guests into their home. However, they can make good pets as long as you have a large backyard for them to run around in.


Swedish Vallhund

Swedish Vallhund This little guy is called ‘the Viking dog.’ The breed almost became extinct in Sweden in 1942, but a breeding program was started to save them. They can herd cattle, capture small predators like rodents, and guard the home. These pups are capable of being great pets due to their good temper and love of their owners. They’re very energetic, so they’ll need lots of time to exercise.



Mudi How cute is this pup? This is another herding breed, but it comes from Hungary. This type of dog is very energetic and needs a large area to remain happy. They’re expected to live from thirteen to fourteen years and weigh eighteen and twenty-nine pounds. They come in many different colors, all of which are equally adorable.


Catahoula Cur

Catahoula Cur This leopard like dog is able to live in an apartment, so long as his owner brings him out for enough exercise. However, they can also be very noisy and might act out by chewing up your furniture if they don’t get enough attention. The breed was originally used for herding and once lived in swamps to round up pigs and cattle. Now it is good at socializing with humans, but may be weary of strangers. This dog needs a dominant owner that is able to teach it the difference between right and wrong.


Swedish Vallhund

Swedish Vallhund This beautiful dog is super athletic, excels in obedience and is a herding dog! This particular dog is small, powerful and oh-so-fearless! This dog is super cuddly, loves to be trained and is ideal for anyone looking for a small but powerful dog!



Chinook If you're looking for a dog that is all about the winter, this is it! The Chinook dog originated in New Hampshire as a sledding dog. This dog is an amazing one to have for your family but they do need room to run -- they are lightning fast and ever-so-strong!


Peruvian Inca Orchid

Peruvian Inca Orchid Hairless dogs aren't for everyone, but this particular breed is adorable! They come in all sorts of colors and are a very lively and alert dog. This breed is extremely loyal but they do not make a good outside dog, why wouldn't you want to cuddle them?


Thai Ridgeback

Thai Ridgeback Ah, the Thai Ridgeback! This beautiful dog is very affectionate, very playful and is a hunting dog! They will need socialization within the first 3 - 6 months along with training, but they take to both extremely well!

I hope you love these cuties as much as I do! Do you have any pets? What are their names?

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King Charles cavalier spaniel are the most adorable.

I have a Doberman named Shaddix, 2 mice (Larry Bird & Trisha) & a kitty named Ernie. :) I love them all.

Bernese Mountain dog

Love the Mudi

I have a whippet and a rescue mutt. The revue dog is absolutely in love with my whippet, who likes to send him flying through the air, lol! They like to play WWE smack down in the backyard.

Shiba inu :)

We have 3 Irish Wolfhounds and they're lovely, easy to care for sweeties. Do not need a big house or yard, just lots of love. My youngest was just @the Vet, weighed in at 167 1/2 :) Big rug.

You have to check out Keeshonds! They are the amazing, adorable canine companions!

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