9 Cutest Puppy Videos to Make You Go 'Awwww' ...


9 Cutest Puppy Videos to Make You Go 'Awwww' ...
9 Cutest Puppy Videos to Make You Go 'Awwww' ...

There are so many cute puppy videos online that choosing just 9 to write about is going to be a challenge indeed! If I’m having a bad day, one of these cute puppy videos is sure to make me smile – a lot of my friends obviously feel the same, as they’re forever posting puppy videos from YouTube on Facebook. Here are 9 of my favorites – I hope you enjoy them!

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Pug Puppy Hates the Stairs

I absolutely love pug puppies and hope to have one of my own someday. Until then, I’ll have to be satisfied with this incredibly adorable pug puppy video – this tiny pug puppy really doesn’t like going down the stairs! Whether it’s his sweet little head tilt or occasional whining, this video is one of the cutest puppy videos out there.


Teacup Yorkies Play Tug-of-war

These tiny teacup Yorkshire terrier puppies are having great fun wrestling and playing tug-of-war. They’re tiny and oh-so-cute! We have a Yorkshire terrier but she’s not as tiny as this – these puppies are absolutely adorable!


English Bulldog Puppies Learn to Walk

These tiny (and incredibly squeaky) English Bulldog puppies are so sweet! They’re not very good at walking just yet and seem a bit scared of the camera, but watching them stumble along is adorable. I love English Bulldogs, but these are the smallest puppies I’ve ever seen.


Puppy Has a Nightmare

This sweet little puppy is obviously dreaming about something scary. He’s having a nightmare, but luckily he has his cuddly toy to keep him company as he squeaks and whines. It’s so cute – I wonder what he’s dreaming about; cats maybe?


Cute Puppy

These super-cute Shih Tzu puppies are adorable! Watch them sleeping cozied up to each other, playing with mum, having a cuddle, play fighting and playing with balls almost the same size as them. Shih Tzu puppies are so tiny and gorgeous – I want one!


Mini Dachshund Puppy and Mirror

This little Dachshund puppy is having a great time – he thinks he’s found a friend to play with! Little does he know it’s just his reflection in the mirror. Watching him get excited and jump around is so cute, particularly with his big floppy ears. Aww bless.


Training a Boston Terrier

Not a lot happens in this training video, but I think this cute little Boston Terrier puppy has such a sweet face – she looks like she’s smiling and is so playful! Boston Terriers are such gorgeous little dogs and I love to watch videos of them playing and learning – this 11 week old puppy is one of my favorites!


Cutest Puppies Compilation

This video is a compilation of some of the cutest puppies on YouTube. From Bentley the bulldog puppy to Boo, and a very vocal husky puppy, there are some adorable little ones on this video – I love the bulldog puppy playing with his own reflection, so cute!


Alaskan Malamute Puppy

This puppy’s big nose and cute little face just make him look adorable – he’s so fluffy! Watch him learning to walk and having cuddles with his mum. I love these puppies as they have huge paws that they’re still growing into that are so sweet!

These are my favorite puppy videos from YouTube – they’re guaranteed to cheer me up if I’ve had a bad day. There are loads of other cute videos to choose from, but be careful as you could easily end up spending hours watching them all; I know I do if I’m feeling low! I would love for you to share some more links to cute puppy videos with me – what are some of your favorites?

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