7 Cute Pet Picture Ideas That Will Make Everyone Go Aww ...


7 Cute Pet Picture Ideas That Will Make Everyone Go Aww ...
7 Cute Pet Picture Ideas That Will Make Everyone Go Aww ...

If you have an animal companion, you should try out these cute pet picture ideas. Even if your pal is shy, you can still manage to snap some photographs. All you need is a camera and a handful of treats. If you love these cute pet picture ideas, put them to the test!

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All Natural

All Natural Instead of trying to get him in a perfect pose, catch him in action. If you have a dog, throw him a stick, and snap a picture while he’s running back to you. If you have a cat, dangle some string in from of her. This is one of the cute pet picture ideas that they’ll love you for. Not only are you capturing them at their cutest, but you’re giving them some play time as well.


Sound Sleeper

Sound Sleeper Doesn’t your bunny look adorable when snuggled up in her cage? It’s when she’s the most as peace. Take a picture of her while she’s sleeping, so that she can’t hop away from the camera. Just make sure that the flash is off! You don’t want to wake her from her sweet dreams.


Quick Kiss

Quick Kiss If you have someone to hold the camera for you, have them take an affectionate picture of you and your animal pal. If your cat will let you hold him, or your hamster will sit on your shoulder, get a photo of the sweet gesture. It’s definitely a Kodak moment. If your pet will let you kiss her head, all the better! You’ll get a picture that shows how close you are.


Toy Time

Toy Time If you want to catch your pet at her happiest, give her a reason to smile. If she loves a certain toy, hand it to her as you get your camera ready. If food is her favorite thing, give her a snack. Hold it in front of the camera to give her a reason to look at you. Don’t be a tease, though! Hand her the snack once the photo is finished.


All in the Scene

All in the Scene If you place your pet in a cute location, it doesn’t matter whether or not they’re facing the camera. They’re going to look precious, no matter what. If you have a dog, bring him to a park. If you have an indoor pet, place them in front of a cute backdrop. Find a wall in your house with a vibrant color, or place them on an adorably decorated blanket.



PrettyPaws You don’t need to frame your entire pet in the photo. You can take a closeup picture of his paw or tail. Animals are beautiful creatures. Any way you take the picture, they’ll come across as gorgeous. Take whatever artistic risks that you want.


Appropriate Props

Appropriate Props If you trust your pet not to rip apart whatever you put in front of him, you can add props to your picture. Stuffed animals are always an adorable addition, especially if your pet is as small as they are. If a holiday is approaching, use a prop that’s appropriate for the season. Just make sure that you don’t give your pet anything dangerous. You don’t want them to choke on something too tiny.

You’ll never forget your animal friends, but you should still take pictures to capture your memories. Do you have any pets? What are their names?

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I love taking pictures of my cats too.

One tip I have found to work wonders is to wear my camera for a few days and clicking it often until my pets ignore it. Makes picture time less filled with my cats and dogs trying to lick or run from the camera!!

I love taking pictures of my pets. My dog always looks cute, but I'm frustrated to find that my black cat does not photograph well. I rarely get a good shot of him.

Cool ideas,I love taking pictures of our dog--he's the best model!

I wish I had a pet

My guinea pigs like sitting on my shoulder or sometimes on top of my head. I'm very careful with them and they never poop or pee on me


I took a photo of my dog and i cuddling on the couch together last week! Our dog's names are Denzel and Lola


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