7 Household Items That Can Poison Your Pets ...

I have had pets my entire life, and have always known that there are certain household items that can poison your pets. Pets are very curious, and even the best behaved pets can get into things. One of my dogs once ate an entire pack of breath mints! Surprisingly, she was fine, and for a while she had minty fresh breath. While that was a funny experience of pet curiosity, there are household items that can poison your pets, resulting in serious consequences. To keep your pets safe, you will want to pay attention to this list and keep these items out of your pet’s reach.

1. Foods

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Certain foods that seem very tasty to people are quite poisonous to pets. In fact, one of the most common household items that can poison your pets is chocolate. The chemical theobromine that is found in chocolate is highly toxic to dogs. Although all chocolate is toxic, chocolate with high concentrations of cacao is especially poisonous. Aside from chocolate, there are other foods that can be also be problematic for pets. A sugar substitute that is often found in sugarless gums and candies, xylitol is also toxic for pets. Additionally, you should keep raisins and grapes away from dogs because they can cause kidney failure. As far as food is concerned, I always keep people food away from pets since they tend to overeat it and can possibly consume something that is bad for them.

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