7 Baby Animals to Look Forward to This Spring ...


7 Baby Animals to Look Forward to This Spring ...
7 Baby Animals to Look Forward to This Spring ...

I was lucky enough to live in the country when I was younger and every spring, baby animals could be seen at the various farms. At one point I even had baby lambs and baby ducks, which were absolutely adorable and so fun to take care of. I know I am not the only one who thinks there is nothing cuter than fuzzy baby animals. They melt your heart, and you can’t help but look at them with big eyes. While all baby animals are darling and loveable, I think these baby animals are especially sweet.

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Lambs Having had lambs when I was young, I am very fond of these fuzzy creatures. Lambs are generally born as twins, and they weigh up to 9 pounds. They can walk shortly after being born; however, they are a little wobbly at first. Watching new born lambs wobble as they figure out how to use their legs is so delightful. Baby lambs drink their mother’s milk for four months. When lambs are orphaned, they can be bottle fed. The lambs I had were orphans, and the most amusing part of caring for them was bottle feeding. They would get so excited! While I could talk about how cute lambs are forever, there are many other adorable baby animals that deserve attention.



Bunnies Bunnies are so small and fuzzy, which makes it so hard to resist picking them up and cuddling them. Of course, you can’t cuddle wild bunnies, but you can hold pet bunnies. Their fur is so soft, and their ears and tiny little tails are so cute. You often see a lot of bunnies in pet stores around Easter. It is very tempting to bring one of these darling animals home. If you do decide to get a bunny this spring, make sure you want it for the long term. Bunnies require a lot of care. They need a cage, they have to be fed at regular times, and they even have to be litter box trained. Having a cute bunny is kind of like having a kitten that hops and needs a cage!



Ducklings Baby ducks are the other farm animal that I had the pleasure of owning. I had so much fun giving these little creatures baths and watching them waddle around. Ducklings are covered with down when they hatch, which enables them to leave the nest shortly after hatching. They even go into the water as early as ten hours after they are born! Although, their down isn’t waterproof, but they do get a little waterproofing from their mother’s oil glands. Ducklings will follow their mother everywhere as a method of learning. This is called imprinting, and it is so cute to watch. I just love watching the little line of baby ducks follow their mother. It is precious.


Baby Birds

Baby Birds It is very exciting when you have a nest of baby birds in your back yard. Last year, I had a robin’s nest on my back porch and was able to watch the baby birds grow. Amazingly, the mother was comfortable enough with me that she would allow me to look at the baby birds. They have such big eyes and such tiny beaks! When baby birds are first born, they do not have any feathers. As their fuzzy feathers come in, they become very cute fuzz balls. Baby birds grow very quickly and leave their nests in a short amount of time. So, if you do have the opportunity of watching baby birds grow, enjoy it while it lasts.



Foals Foals are baby horses of any gender, and colts are male baby horses. Regardless of what you call them, they are all very cute. Horses are generally born in the spring after a gestation period of eleven months. Usually, horses give birth to one foal; although, twins are occasionally born. Baby horses are born with incredibly long legs, which is why they have a little trouble walking at first. However, despite their long legs, they are able to walk within twelve hours of being born! Unlike baby birds, foals don’t grow up overnight. Horses are full grown when they are three to six years old.

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Calves I realize not everyone thinks cows are cute, but who can resist the big brown eyes of a calf? They will just melt your heart. Although they are small in comparison to adult cows, baby cows are quite large when they are born. They weigh between 60 to 100 pounds! In spite of all this heft, calves can walk within one hour of being born. If you live in the city you probably don’t have the chance to see baby cows in the spring. Since I lived in the country, I was able to see baby cows every day on my way to school, which I looked forward to because they are so cute.



Fawns Fawns are baby deer, and they are born every year between April and June. Like lambs, fawns are usually born as twins, which is wonderful because it means twice as many cute babies! After they are born, fawns will stand within ten minutes and begin to walk within seven hours. Even though they can walk so soon after birth, baby deer stay with their mother until the next winter. Their mothers however, are comfortable leaving them alone to look for food. This is why it is common to see baby deer by themselves. If you do see baby deer without their mother, there is no need to worry. She will probably be returning soon.

All of these baby animals are so cute, and they make spring time so enjoyable. I always look forward to spring because I know I will be seeing many adorable baby animals. There is nothing more endearing than seeing a cute baby animal with its mother. Which if these baby animals is your favorite?

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the little brown bunny is just too cute

I love baby ducklings

wow cuuttee

Aw the fawn!!! Ugh so cute!

Ok the baby bird kinda ruined the cuteness


Watching a baby deer walk for the first time is the cutest thing I've seen in my life! I passed one driving and had to stop and stare!

I love these pictures, they are all so cute!

They are all so beautiful!

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