7 of the Cutest Animals in Madagascar ...

I am absolutely obsessed with lemurs and I consider them the cutest animals in Madagascar - and in the whole world actually. You could try to talk about politics or music with me - or anything really - and I would still be able to steer the conversation towards lemurs without you even noticing it. Yes, I am fun at parties. Joking aside, this little Wonderland has been blessed by evolution with the most awesome creatures you've ever seen (lemurs included, of course). Take a look at some of the weirdest, yet cutest animals in Madagascar and you'll instantly fall in love with this place.

1. The Aye Aye

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Considering its devilish appearance and that long, creepy middle finger, many would probably run away screaming when faced with an aye aye. But if you dismiss your initial impulse of killing it with fire and take a closer look at it, I'm sure you'll agree with me: this lemur is definitely one of the cutest animals in Madagascar! Just look at those huge flappy ears and spiky hair! And those eyes! Oh, and the finger that creeps everybody out is not meant to bring hell on Earth – the aye aye just uses it to tap on trees and find insect larvae. Besides these, it only eats nuts, fruits, seeds, nectar, and the likes. Quite innocent, actually.

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