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9 Cat Personalities We All Identify with ...

By Kaila

They say that dog is man's best friend, but the wide spectrum of cat personalities is something we can all relate to. Dogs tend to be very similar when it comes to personality, but you never know what type of cat you'll get when you pick up that sweet, innocent kitten. While cat personalities may be very different from dog personalities, they are similar to human personalities. I've chosen nine that we can all relate to in honor of a cat's “nine lives.”

1 The Curious Cat

The Curious Cat Cat personalities like this one are common, hence the phrase “curiosity killed the cat.” People with this cat personality are excessively nosy and love to gossip. They seem to have the latest dish on everything and promise that in exchange for information, they'll keep your secrets. Just remember: if someone is willing to talk to you about someone, they'll talk to someone about you.

2 The Lazy Cat

The Lazy Cat We all have lazy days, but there are some people who only sleep, eat, and go to the bathroom. Not only that- when they sleep, they sleep hard. The house could fall down around them and they'd never know. Beyond the sleeping part, some lazy people make everyone else do things for them. It's okay to be a lazy cat every now and then, but don't take advantage of people or let life pass you by.

3 The Hyperactive Cat

The Hyperactive Cat You've seen the person who resembles a cat tearing through the house at three in the morning for no apparent reason. Jittery, wild, and vocal- this personality can't always help it, but most just need to ease up on the caffeine. They are fun to be around, but everyone needs down time, even them.

4 The Pompous Cat

The Pompous Cat This personality thinks he owns the world and everyone in it. What isn't his can be bought, no matter the price. He usually treats everyone around him in a condescending manner and has very few true friends. He throws around names and titles, and every flaw you have is distasteful to him. I wouldn't bother wasting your time on these personalities as they are more hurtful than worthwhile.

5 The Grumpy Cat

The Grumpy Cat We all know the viral meme, or are at least familiar with the ticked off flick of an angry cat's tail. Some personalities seem to be in a ticked off state all the time, their tails constantly flicking- if they had them. Often times, all this person needs is some love in their life, and to know that someone cares about them. Don't be too harsh in your judgment of them before hearing their side of the story.

6 The Skittish Cat

The Skittish Cat Having a skittish cat can be just as hilarious as having a skittish friend. Loud noises, quick movements, and anything else sudden scare them to death. I definitely wouldn't recommend seeing a horror flick with a skittish personality, though I doubt they'd jump three feet into the air like a cat would. They might flinch a little and slap you every now and then. Their reactions alone may be more entertaining than the movie.

7 The Starving Cat

The Starving Cat Are you always hungry? Going back for seconds and thirds? Have you traveled the world tasting different delicacies, never satisfied and always searching for more? Then you might have a starving cat personality. This personality would fall under the “foodie” stereotype, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

8 The Jealous Cat

The Jealous Cat Everything is yours, whether everyone else knows it or not. The second someone steps into your territory, which is everywhere, you let them know they've crossed the line. When attention falls to someone else, you have a freak out moment and try to draw the attention back to you, sometimes going to desperate measures to do so. But be warned: envy green doesn't look good on anybody.

9 The Affectionate Cat

The Affectionate Cat Some people just love everything that has to do with love. They love holidays that revolve around love, movies about love, and they love people unconditionally. Sometimes they tend to get stepped on and people take advantage of them because of this. But the world needs more affectionate people because they tend to be the most positive people in this world. Rock on, you lovers of love!

Cats are very fickle and they have a wide range of personalities that can change instantly. But the great thing about cat personalities is that they are eerily similar to a human's, and that's what makes owning them fun. What type of cat personality can you identify most with?

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