7 Tips on Taking in a Stray Cat ...


7 Tips on Taking in a Stray Cat ...
7 Tips on Taking in a Stray Cat ...

When I first took in a kitten several years ago, I was so glad I had some tips on taking in a stray cat. Bringing a stray cat into your life is not as simple as just opening the door and letting them in; although, every so often people do get lucky and it is this easy. Usually however, it can be a little more difficult to get a new pet acclimated to your life, which is why it is helpful to have tips on taking in a stray cat.

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Have Supplies

Have Supplies One of the tips on taking in a stray cat is to make sure that you have all of the supplies needed to take care of your new family member. A litter box is absolutely essential. You also need to have food available. Wet food is preferable because it is easier on cat’s kidneys. It is also nice to have toys and a cat bed.


Need a Quiet Room

Need a Quiet Room When you bring the stray cat in, you should put it in a quiet room to help it feel safe. If you have other pets, having them “meet” each other through the door first is a good way to start to introduce them. When I brought my cat in, by choice, she stayed in the room for two weeks. My other cat also sniffed the door occasionally, and when they finally did meet they were comfortable with each other.


Quality Time

Quality Time Make sure that you spend time with your new cat to help build trust. Sit on the floor and talk with a gentle voice to help the cat become familiar with you. Spending time with a stray cat that has just been introduced to your house will help them start to feel safe around you.



Toys In addition to spending quiet time with your cat, you should also play with it. Playing with stray cats is a great way to get them comfortable around you. There are very few cats that can resist a stick with a string or feathers attached!


Let the Cat Come to You

Let the Cat Come to You It is so tempting to pick up your new cat, which could involve chasing them if they are skittish. It is best however, to let the cat come to you, because it builds trust. It may take some time, depending on how long the cat was outside, for it to completely trust you, but it will happen. My cat hid under the bed for the first week, and now she sleeps on top of me!


Slowly Introduce to Household

Slowly Introduce to Household Because you don’t want to overwhelm the cat, it is best to slowly introduce it to the household. Introduce it to other people and pets in the house one at a time. Also, let the cat explore the house when it is ready. Cats are curious by nature, so if it seems shy at first, soon your cat will be all over the house.


Trip to the Vet

Trip to the Vet One of the most important things to do when you bring a stray cat in is to make an appointment for the vet. Because the cat has been living outside, it is very possible that it has parasites, which is one reason it is important to keep it in a separate room. Don’t introduce the cat to other pets until it has been to the vet. Asides from checking for parasites, the vet can also give the cat its vaccinations.

If you have a stray cat that you want to make part of your family, following these tips will help make bringing the cat in easier. It can take time for a stray cat to become used to being part of a family, but with patience your cat will be at home in no time. Have you ever rescued a stray cat?

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make a trip to the vet the very first thing you do if you have other cats! Strays can be carriers of FIV and Feline Leukemia which can be spread through saliva via cat bites or even water bowls..preventable, but not curable.

great tips thankyou I just have a new edition two days ago

I want a kitty but my boyfriend doesn't like he is a dog guy

one of my cats was completely feral when we got her, not even stray. she had been living in the forest. even now after 4 years she displays some wild tendencies. one of the biggest things with taking in a feral or stray cat is to not let them get outside. you could lose them forever.

we have 3 stray cats in our home, they are adorable, but sadly enough they can't stand each other so we have to keep them apart all the time.

my grandma rescued a cat that was found in an attic of an abandoned home. she lived 22 years and was the absolute sweetest thing you could ever meet.

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