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If you’re considering getting a cat, be sure to check out this list of reasons to get a Ragdoll. Simply everything about this breed is awesome. I’m lucky to have this amazing breed at home, together with a British Shorthair. While my British lady is a real cat, the Ragdoll takes the word ‘cat’ to a whole new level. Read on and find out the awesome reasons to get a Ragdoll!

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They’re Floppy

They’re Floppy One of the most characterizing traits of the Ragdoll is their floppiness. In fact, they even owe their name to it. When you pick up these cats they will completely relax and just hang in your arms like an actual ragdoll! It’s totally adorable and unlike my Brit, you can carry him around like a baby. The floppiness is totally one of the cutest reasons to get a Ragdoll.


Big and Beautiful

Big and Beautiful Ragdolls are actually one of the larger cat breeds around. Adult males can weigh up to twenty pounds! Can you imagine carrying around twenty pounds of fluffy floppiness? Because of their size, they’re not fully grown until three to four years of age. Ragdolls are born with a white coat and stunning big blue eyes. The coat actually turns darker with age, and due to the lack of an undercoat they shed somewhat less.


They Have a Soft Personality

They Have a Soft Personality These cats are truly gentle giants. Their soft personality matches their gorgeous sweet look. Of course like humans, no cat is the same but overall, these cats are extremely docile and even a bit naïve. This however, does not make them great outdoor cats; they simply trust anyone. Some Ragdolls even have a natural fondness of big dogs. My Ragdoll Finley is not one of them though; he tends to be a little intimidated by my hamster.


Cat or Dog?

Cat or Dog? Did you know the Ragdoll is sometimes referred to as the ‘puppy-cat’? Like puppies they will follow you around the house and are extremely affectionate. Keep in mind that like an actual puppy, your Ragdoll is likely to cry when you leave the room without him. Personally I love how affectionate they are but if you’d like a little more freedom, maybe this isn’t the cat for you. When you get up to get something, cat is there. When you’re going to the bathroom, cat is there. When you want to sit down, watch out because your cat is there. The only time I actually can’t find mine is when I’m vacuuming.


They’re Great with Kids

They’re Great with Kids Due to their size and personality, these cats are really suitable for families. They’re friendly and sweet to all members of the family, even to other pets. A Ragdoll can be an awesome playmate for your children. Their size makes them less fragile than smaller cats, they’re playful and funny and extremely friendly. But remember to always supervise small children with animals to prevent accidents from happening.


Your Very Own Clown

Your Very Own Clown Not a day goes by without me laughing at something Finley does. He’s just such a funny guy with this amazing and quirky personality. For instance, he does not meow like a normal cat, he just makes this weird whiny sound, I can’t even put it into words. When he’s about to drink some water, first he ‘cleans’ the floor around the water bowl by sliding his furry paws all over the floor, it looks like a little moonwalk! And this is just my own little clown; I’ve heard about Ragdolls who love to play fetch and some even love water! As I said before, no two cats are the same, but I can promise you, Ragdolls are just so darn funny.


They’re Very Adaptable

They’re Very Adaptable Ragdolls are just such easygoing cats, they can adapt to most situations. They do well in families with or without children, busy households, households with only elderly people, you name it. As I mentioned before, it’s not a good idea to let your Ragdoll outside without supervision. Like toddlers they don’t see danger and can get themselves in less pleasant situations. Lucky for you though, this cat is perfectly suited for apartment life. But if you do have a safe backyard for instance, that would be an added bonus. Keep in mind Ragdolls are best kept with at least one other cat to keep them company, especially if you work during the day.

After reading this, I hope you came to love Ragdolls just as much as I do! If an easygoing, funny, gorgeous and affectionate cat sounds great to you, the Ragdoll is definitely your guy. I promise you, life gets a little sunnier with a Ragdoll in the house. If you’d like to see my Finley, check out my Instagram account at ‘Pixiepurrrfect’. Which Ragdoll lover here knows of more awesome reasons to get a Ragdoll?

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I think everyone will see I meant cat not car!!

do they shed a lot? cause my nose cant handle that much hair.. and my mom has asthma

I have a ragdoll, he is very gentle and lovely but he never comes inside! He loves being outside, he is beautiful though!

Love the eyes, bright and blue ;)

Hey guyz, can u tell me from where can I get one of these breeds ???????

My cats half ragdoll and half Maine coon she's adorable but not very friendly!

I had a part Ragdoll Gus,my friend had his mother Lady.They were both the most beautiful cars I have ever met.We miss them both terribly:(

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