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9 Dog Breeds Mistaken for Pit Bulls ...

By Jasmine

There are plenty of dog breeds mistaken for pit bulls on a daily basis. It may be the shape of the head, the appearance of the face, the contours of the body, or the temperament of the dog. Whatever the case may be, these dogs are often seen as one of the “vicious” dog breeds because of their appearance. I personally believe that not all American Pit Bull Terriers are what people make them out to be. They can be kind, sweet, and well trained like any other breed.

1 Boxer

dog,mammal,vertebrate,dog breed,greater swiss mountain dog, Out of all of the dog breeds mistaken for pit bulls, the Boxer has a very stern look. However, they can be very loving and caring by nature. The Boxer typically wears a beautiful chestnut brown coat with big floppy ears. Their body is a little bit leaner than the stocky physique of the pit bull. Since some owners have their boxer's ears cropped, they are commonly mistaken as a pit bull.

2 Cane Corso

dog,mammal,vertebrate,dog breed,olde english bulldogge, This breed does appear to be quite intimidating on first glance. The Cane Corso is a pretty big dog - muscular and strong. It's very common for these dogs to have black or gray fur, but there are those who wear different shades of brown flawlessly. Some have cropped ears, but on most occasions their floppy ears are left to hang. As great guard or hunting dogs, these beautiful dogs are known to be Italian bred and related to the Neapolitan Mastiff.

3 English Bulldog

dog,olde english bulldogge,mammal,vertebrate,dog breed, According to common theory, the Old English Bulldog and the pit bull have no similarity other than the word “bull” within their names. The English Bulldog may appear to look the same as a pit bull, but they are shorter, slightly plumper, and do not have cropped ears. This breed tends to have a squashed face, droopy eyes, and wrinkled face. Furthermore, the English Bulldog can be quite lazy and sluggish in nature.


dog,mammal,dog breed,vertebrate,dog like mammal, Sadly enough, a dog that looks NOTHING like the pit bull breed is mistaken to be one. The Black Mouth Cur is normally thinner and not as buff as the typical pit bull. This breed also develops a brown or black shade around their nose and mouth making them distinctively different from a pit. Additionally, they look strikingly similar to a yellow Labrador.

Ellie why are they so cutee...

5 Bull Mastiff

dog,mammal,vertebrate,dog breed,bullmastiff, Like the Black Mouth Cur, the Bull Mastiff's mouth and nose is surrounded by a darker shade of fur. Also, these pups are notorious for their wrinkled face and body, similar to their cousin the Old English Bulldog. What makes the Bull Mastiff different from the pit is that they are heavyset, have fatter faces, and short muzzles. They don't appear to be as muscular as the pit. Since these dogs do not get their ears cropped, you will definitely be able to distinguish them from the common American Pit Bull Terrier.

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dog,mammal,vizsla,vertebrate,dog breed, This dog breed is just too darn adorable! I really don't want to believe that people get them confused with the pit bull breed, but they do. The Vizsla is usually born with a shiny goldish-brown coat. They also have the floppiest ears that hang pretty long. Vizslas grow up to be tall and thin with long legs. A Hungarian breed, Vizslas are sporting dogs that are gentle-mannered, caring, and protective.

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dog,olde english bulldogge,mammal,vertebrate,dog breed, Like the pit bull, the Alpha Blue Blood Bulldog's appearance and stance looks somewhat threatening. However, this breed is apparently great with children and overly protective of their owners. The Alpha Bulldog is a very active dog that enjoys being outside. They can come in many colors, but the most common thing about them is that they have a broad head and cat-like paws. Like the pit, they are built muscular, but their tails and ears are never cropped or docked.


dog,mammal,vertebrate,dog breed,dog like mammal, The Presa Canario or Canary Dog looks like a very tough guard dog and not too far-off from the Cane Corso. One of their best usages is in livestock management. I can understand why people sometimes mistake them for pits because they are physically muscular and tend to have cropped ears. The coat, however, has streaks of black, brown, white, or black, which is also known as brindle. Presa Canarios are not generally social and need to be trained to be obedient at a young age.

9 American Bulldog

dog,mammal,olde english bulldogge,vertebrate,dog breed, American Bulldogs - especially those with a white coat-look more like the pit bull terrier than any other dog on this list. Like the pit, this breed has a powerful jaw line, a large head, and an extended muzzle. They are well-built, very active, confidant, and social. Although this breed is instinctively meant to catch wild cattle, kill vermin, and protect their owner's property, they can be trained to make great family pets.

Hopefully someday the stigma placed on pit bulls will cease to exist so that other dogs like them won't have to face similar persecution. No matter what anyone says, dogs learn anger and aggression from their owner. Therefore, it doesn't matter what breed a dog is because if you train any dog to be hostile and unfriendly, they will be just that. What are some other breeds that are mistaken for the American Pit Bull Terrier? Do you own any of these breeds?

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