9 Dog Breeds Mistaken for Pit Bulls ...

There are plenty of dog breeds mistaken for pit bulls on a daily basis. It may be the shape of the head, the appearance of the face, the contours of the body, or the temperament of the dog. Whatever the case may be, these dogs are often seen as one of the β€œvicious” dog breeds because of their appearance. I personally believe that not all American Pit Bull Terriers are what people make them out to be. They can be kind, sweet, and well trained like any other breed.

1. Boxer

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Out of all of the dog breeds mistaken for pit bulls, the Boxer has a very stern look. However, they can be very loving and caring by nature. The Boxer typically wears a beautiful chestnut brown coat with big floppy ears. Their body is a little bit leaner than the stocky physique of the pit bull. Since some owners have their boxer's ears cropped, they are commonly mistaken as a pit bull.

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