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Even though they’re often far too underrated, there are so many great reasons why birds make great pets. I have a beautiful baby cockatiel called Colin, and he is honestly the best pet I could ask for! Maybe next time you’re considering buying a new companion, think about getting a bird. They allow you to be flexible and still come home to love and affection - just one of the many reasons why birds make great pets.

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Minimal Mess

Minimal Mess As long as you do a quick clean of your bird's cage weekly or fortnightly, there’s really not much else to clean up. Birds keep themselves tidy, so you don’t have to worry about giving them baths to keep them clean (though some birds love baths!). If you have your bird out of its cage regularly then you’ll just have to keep an eye out for if your feathery friend does any droppings, but other than this, mess won’t be an issue. This is one of the best reasons why birds make great pets!


Cute as a Button

Cute as a Button Birds are adorable. My cockatiel Colin loves kisses and neck scratches and makes the sweetest little noises to tell us he’s enjoying himself. Birds develop their own little behaviours, most of which are just adorable. Colin shows me affection by softly nibbling my ear which is so sweet. Have fun watching your bird entertain themselves in their own cute little way.


Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy As well as not being very messy, birds are pretty easy to look after. Once you get into the habit of checking and refilling their food and water bowls then you’re already a pro! The only tricky thing with birds is figuring out when they are sick. Birds instinctually hide symptoms, but you’ll find that the more you get to know your bird, you will be able to tell when they’re feeling poorly. You know your pet the best out of anyone and if they’re under the weather, you’ll pick up on even the smallest changes.


Loving and Loyal

Loving and Loyal You may not think that birds could be all that affectionate, but think again! There is nothing birds love more than being patted and spending time with their owners. Most of the time they’re happy just sitting on your shoulder while you go about your day-to-day activities. When a bird is hand-trained, they can be just as affectionate and loyal as a dog or cat.


Not Much Space Necessary

Not Much Space Necessary If you’re living in a house, flat or apartment with not much room, then a bird might be just the pet for you. As long as you’ve got enough room for the cage then you’re set! There is also the option to get a hanging cage, which totally eliminates the need for any space whatsoever. A bird is happy toddling around a small apartment, so don’t worry about it being detrimental to them. They’re happy wherever you are.


Cheap Cheap!

Cheap Cheap! Unless you’re looking to buy a special bird, then they’re actually very cheap! You can buy a very lovely bird for not much at all - you can get a gorgeous budgerigar for as little as $20 or so. If you buy a bird that has been hand-reared then you will be paying a bit more, but if you don’t have the time to train them then it definitely pays off. Even their food is quite cheap, so if you’re tight on money or have other pets as well, then birds are the perfect addition to your family.


Smarty Pants

Smarty Pants Birds are some of the most intelligent animals on the planet! You can train your pet bird to do some really cool things like mimicking, whistling and even performing tricks! Birds love learning new things and can pick new skills up quite quickly. Many bird owners find it very rewarding teaching their birds new things, so see what tricks you can find to teach your gorgeous feathery friend!

I hope I have convinced you to look into getting a bird as a pet, because I really think you’ll enjoy it! Birds are loyal, funny and develop their own wonderful and unique personalities. They’re also quite long-lived, so you’ll be enjoying their company for years to come. Do you have a bird? What do you like the most about bird-keeping?

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