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Quirky pet names always make me smile. It’s so fun to hear cats and dogs being named something fun and original. There’s nothing wrong with traditional pet names like Fido, Fluffy and whatnot, but there’s something sweet about giving a pet a name that helps them stand out. I haven’t had many pets as an adult, but it was truly tough coming up with an original name that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to shout around the neighborhood if I needed to. Here are some quirky pet names that might inspire you.

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Chew Barka

Chew Barka This one comes courtesy of petinsurance.com. What a fun name if you’re a Star Wars fan. It rolls off the tongue pleasingly and won’t make you sound like you’re insane if your puppy gets out and you have to search for him. Chew Barka tops my list of quirky pet names because it’s cute and fun without being bizarre. I think it’s the perfect pick for a brown, furry dog.



Catpuccino This name just makes me happy. I don’t have a cat, but this might be a name I’d choose. It would be awesome for a light brown kitty – you know, one that’s the color of a great cup of cappuccino. This is also a fun name if you’re a coffee fiend and want to express your love of the bean by giving your pet an appropriate name. Just be ready for people to misunderstand you when you say your cat’s name. It’s pretty close to cappuccino so they might not hear your play on words.



Nugget I think this would be a great pet name for a small dog. It’s a fun play on his size, but it’s also easy to pronounce and spell. You won’t feel like an idiot when you call to make a vet appointment because this is such a cute and quirky name. I’m pretty sure this name would top the list if I ever get my kids another puppy.



Capone I see this name on lists from several sources. I don’t know what creates the appeal, but it does have a ring to it. I guess it’s a good choice if you want to give your dog or cat a tough sounding moniker that tells others not to mess around with him. Plus, it’s fun to shout when you’re calling your pet in from the backyard for his dinner. Capone is definitely a quirky pet name that you’ll enjoy choosing.



Slipper This is a fun name because it’s easy to say, but it also lets you name your pet after certain personality quirks. Maybe your puppy likes to eat slippers or carries them around the house in her mouth. Maybe she slips and slides on your hardwood floors. In either case, Slipper is a nickname-style name that fits her well. It’s not weird and I sort of love it! It works for a cat too.



Vuitton If you can’t afford the real thing, try giving your pet the name of your favorite designer. I think Vuitton is the perfect name for a dignified dog, such as a poodle. It’s not particularly tough sounding, but it’s great for a little dog you plan to carry around all the time anyway. I call those pocket dogs and I would love to have one if I wasn’t worried my kids would step on it. Someday. In the meantime, I can dream about the perfect name for one. Gucci, Louboutin and Prada are other fun picks.



Marshmallow The ultimate name for a fluffy white dog or cat, am I right? It’s fun if you want to give your kids a pet that they name themselves. Plus, it’s fun to say and easy to spell. Combine it with Sprinkles or Cupcake for a perfect quirky set of pet names.

What’s your pet’s name? I tend toward color names for my pets – Sienna and Scarlet are my current dogs and I had a cat named Indigo many years ago. I might trend toward one of these cute names next time though.

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My dog's name is Angel :)

I have an orange tabby named Weasley :)

Cute names. Nugget reminds me the name Chelsea Handler chose for her dog, Chunk. My cat's name is Buttercup. I always receive comments on her name.

I love those names!

I had a white cat and i called him Oboon and turned out noone ever use that name for their pet

My cat's name is Spooner :)

I have a black cat called Velvet

My maltipoo's named nova. Kinda proud of her name

Cat is Mew-Mew ..... Later the designer miu miu became a name in fashion... No relation.. She tots stole my idea. Doberman named Coco .. After Coco Chanel .... Cats name is THE BEST name EVER.. for THE BEST cat ever. Try me... I'll prove it. Hahahahah!! So lucky to have been gifted this lil girl from the streets of hammer town

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