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There are so many great reasons to own a cat! They are one of the most popular pets to care for. There are all types of cats to suit your furry friend tastes, climate or living situation. Cats are also one of the easiest and most accessible pets. Read on for some fun (maybe funny!) and great reasons to own a cat!

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They're Fuzzy

They're Fuzzy One of the first great reasons to own a cat is their fur! Cat coats are so fuzzy and soft, you can’t help but want to snuggle up to your little furry friend at least nightly. When you’re down, when nothing else feels right in the world and when you can’t think of one good thing out there - just look at that cat. Fuzz = Goodness. Remember the teddy bear you loved as a kid? Fuzz, written all over ‘em!


They're Easy

They're Easy Cats are so easy! They’re a great pet to have if you’re busy, rushed or not home too often. Food? Overflowing bowl (long as you’re little bugger doesn’t have any weight problems). Grooms? Petting them on the couch should count. Nail trims? They've already found their sweet spot on your couch arm. Bath? They’ll find the time!


They're Free Roamers

They're Free Roamers If cats get used to the outdoors when they are young, they’ll always want to head outside! The great thing? You don’t always have to be with ‘em. Unless you want to ... brave the cat/leash thing. And the great thing is? Smarty cats find their way back when they’re hungry. So don’t worry if they’re catnapping the afternoon, literally, away, you’ll catch ‘em by dinnertime! (Bearing gifts and all!)


They're Silent Watchdogs

They're Silent Watchdogs If you want an animal that can watch over the house, sold! Cats have those razor sharp claws, super powerful eyes and ears that can perk to anything out of the ordinary. Ever seen a cat follow a little fly across the house? Ruthless! Best part? They won’t wake you with a loud, alerting bark. Just be sure, their eyes are watching. If you’re lucky, they may try to wake you by walking on you!


They're Playful

They're Playful Cats are super playful! They think that stylish new couch you just bought is their new jungle gym, scratching post and all! On nights that you need to sleep early, they’ll catch on to the chill vibes and run around a bit, making tons of noise as they jump from tier to tier and cut corners. Then, they’ll discover that their mission to prep for some zzz's (again!) was a bonk at such a late hour, and stay awake all night!


They're Your Lazy Example

They're Your Lazy Example When you start to feel like your cat’s new couch/bed/chair/floor buddy, check yourself. Your cat is your lazy example. When you leave and return, what do you find them doing? Yawning, sleeping, reaching as if the door opening ruined the best sleep of their life or mussed with that soaking spot of sun rays? Rule of thumb: Do. Not. Be. Jealous. Of. Said. Cat.


They're King of the Jungle

They're King of the Jungle Cats have unique ways of expressing dominance. If you haven’t seen or felt the notorious face rub, you haven’t yet owned a cat. Cats rub their face on anything they can get that chin on to mark their territory, especially when they’re feeling cuddly. As if you haven’t already thought about their fur, kitty dander, dust or whatnot dropping along the floor that is their jungle, now you have to think about kitty pheromones! It’s the new form of snuggling - get used to it!


They're Cuddly

They're Cuddly Speaking of snuggling, cats are so cuddly! They’ll cozy up to anything, so feel extra appreciative when it’s you! They’re also super interested in any bowls with milk in ‘em, cell phones, remotes or relative devices you are currently interested in using. (Sneaky tricks to get ‘em to snuggle up?) Way to seek out the moment!


Play Nice

Play Nice Cats are such easygoing creatures. No worries if you have them encounter another roommate creature in their 9+ lives... Live-in boyfriends' dog? New roommates' bird? They'll all be one big, happy family. Your cat will be sure to say hello from Day One.


Easy Naming

Easy Naming So, the last and very most important point: cats are so adorable that they're the easiest animal to name! Is Blackie black? Or Snowball white? Grayson gray? Never would have guessed! I suppose the ones with the unique names are the orange, tabby or multi-colored sweeties. Hmm... could they be the celebrity kitties?

So...honestly, I love my two adorable cats! Hope if you’re a cat lover you’ve enjoyed these funny - yet true - cat-isms! What else does your silly fuzzball do?

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I'm wanting to get a Maine Coon! They look really cute!

especially if their not neutered or spayed because you're adding to a hugeee problem!

Sorry but one never 'owns' them. They are family members just like the other humans in the family.

I have the sweetest, sassiest, smartest, funniest, most adorable cats ever! :)

Cats are inside animals. When they get outside they can get mean. I have a little 8 week old black kitten and he is the best I've had. Don't even have to house train it, once you show them the litter box it is done!

My cat has a licking problem which I think he acquired from my dog...

I am obsessed with cats, I have one at home, the kids follow him around like a puppy.

I have two kitties, Oriana and Mała. Ori is pedigree russian blue and is the queen of the house, Mała (meaning small in polish) is a recuse cat who used to be scared and shy and, lately after moving around, became brave and cuddly!

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