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8 Tops Reasons to Make Lists ...

By Aprille

I think making lists is fun, but that’s just me. I didn’t put that as one of my 8 tops reasons to make lists either, since I tried to give more substantial reasons instead. Lists can be made for every aspect of life and they seem to make things much clearer for me. I’m sure you’ll agree with some of these reasons too, but feel free to post your own in the comment section.

Table of contents:

  1. It’s a quick way to set your priorities
  2. They are easy to read and share
  3. So you know what to pack for your upcoming trip
  4. To stick to a monthly budget
  5. In order to keep track of things you need to do
  6. So you buy the correct groceries at the store
  7. To remember dates
  8. To maintain order in your life

8 It’s a Quick Way to Set Your Priorities

When I sit down to write a list, I generally start with the most important things first and work my way down. I find it much simpler to figure out what needs to be taken care of first if I can actually see my thoughts on paper. If I have a lot on my mind it doesn’t take me but a few minutes to devise a lengthy list.

7 They Are Easy to Read and Share

Lists are a quick way to scan through what needs to be taken care of. You can use different colors of pens for specific items or highlight sections easily. I like being able to hand someone my list when there is an offer to help out. It’s less stressful to simply hand this person a piece of paper then it is to reiterate every thought I just put on paper.

6 So You Know What to Pack for Your Upcoming Trip

I don’t like going on a trip and realizing I’ve forgotten something extremely important. I end up thinking about it the entire trip! Making a list of what I need to take, who I need to call, or jotting down any additional pre-trip reminders for myself puts my brain at ease. I can actually look forward to the trip instead of fretting over something I’d forgotten to accomplish before I left.

5 To Stick to a Monthly Budget

There is an ongoing list attached to the refrigerator in my kitchen. Whenever I or another family member realizes we have used up a particular product, this item is written down on the paper. Making this list keeps us on track when it comes to getting supplies at the end of the month. Assistance with budgeting money can also be achieved by writing down the amount you make each month and listing where a portion of this money will go. I like it when this type of list is short and includes small numbers. It’s tough to watch a paycheck disappear before it’s even in my hands.

4 In Order to Keep Track of Things You Need to do

I have so many things running through my mind at once that it’s easy for me to get sidetracked when I try to finish something I’ve started. As soon as I think of something I need to do, I write it down on a sheet of paper. I’ll add to this list all day long sometimes. This is the best way for me to keep from leaving something out that should have been completed a long, long time ago.

3 So You Buy the Correct Groceries at the Store

Do you ever head into the store with a couple of items in mind and come out with a cart full of goods instead? This happens to me more often than I like. When I remember to write a shopping list an actually take it into the store with me, I do very well at limiting my purchases to necessary items only. I also tend to save money this way.

2 To Remember Dates

I’m all for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and any other special occasion. I have a list of special dates that I go over at the start of each month so I can gather a collection of cards to mail out. Without this list I’d probably miss my own mother’s birthday. The days just fly right by without me realizing they’ve passed until it’s suddenly the end of another month.

1 To Maintain Order in Your Life

Writing a variety of lists is the only way I can keep a handle on things around here. Without them I’d be utterly lost. I feel much more organized and as if I have a lot less to think about, since I have everything down on paper and can refer to any of these lists at any time.

Do you have your own set of 8 tops reasons to make lists? If you have any additional reasons I didn’t mention, please feel free to put them in the comment section. I’m always curious as to why people feel the need to make their own lists!

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