8 Reasons to Join a Summer Book Club ...


8 Reasons to Join a Summer Book Club ...
8 Reasons to Join a Summer Book Club ...

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a good book. When you are lounging by the pool or enjoying the warm sun on the beach, a book is a great companion. If you want to take your reading to the next level, a book club is a perfect choice! Book clubs meet every week in cities across the world and that are eclectic as the books they discuss. Here are 8 reasons to join a summer book club this year.

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Social Interaction

Sometimes the summer months can get a little boring. There isn’t much going on in the way of social opportunities as many people travel or stay busy with their children. If you are longing for a good conversation, check out the local book clubs. They are full of other readers who are hoping for a good discussion too!


You Might Learn Something New

Book clubs are a great way to keep your mind active. Just because you have read the book doesn’t mean you have uncovered every element within it. The book club will discuss all kinds of aspects of literature that you might have never looked at. Just hearing other people’s perceptions of the same story can be really interesting. You might learn something new just by listening.


Find New Friends

Most of the people in a book club have a least a few common interests. You will be amazed at how quickly you can form friendships over just one or two commonalities. Women around the world become friends through these book clubs each week. You never know who you might meet!


Start a Hobby

Sometimes a book club will cover non-fiction books on various crafts or hobbies. This might stretch you a little, but you could also learn a new hobby in the process. While reading photography books might not seem that interesting, you could fall in love with photography once you understand the art form behind the technical side.


Expand Your Bookshelf

Book clubs will always give you a broader range of reading. You will read books that you probably wouldn’t have picked up otherwise so you will expand your book shelf each week.


Learn to Read Critically

Most people read books simply for the sake of enjoyment, but book clubs will open your mind to a new way of reading. You will learn to dissect characters, themes, and plots in new ways. You will start to understand the author’s perspective vs. perspectives of various characters. It will just take your reading experience to a new level when you are discussing things on a weekly basis in your book club.


Get More from Your Old Books

You might have a few occasions where a book club covers a novel you have already read. When this happens, don’t just drop out of the club or skip the reading assignments each week. If you will read those old books again, the book club will help you get new things out of the same stories the second time around.


Pass the Time

Instead of spending the summer bored and restless, spend it doing something creative and fun. Joining a book club will help you pass the days when it is too hot to be outside.

Grab a newspaper or visit your local bookstore and ask about book clubs in your area. Most communities have at least one or two book clubs that meet throughout the summer so it shouldn’t be difficult to find one in a neighborhood near you. These are just 8 reasons to join a summer book club, but there are many more! What is your favorite part of book clubs? What is on your reading list for this summer?

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