7 Animals That Look like They Belong in Another World ...

The animal kingdom is an endless source of fascination but seriously, there are some really strange and alien animals that look like they belong in another world or straight from a sci-fi movie. Give a child a piece of paper and some colored pencils and ask them to draw an imaginary animal and you might well end up with something like the strange and alien animals that actually exist for real; like any of these for example:

1. Blue Dragon Sea Slug

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The word slug makes you think of the things like the garden slug. This creature should be called something such as the Blue Dragon Cruiser because it is far prettier than a slug. It is a shocking color blue and has lots of skewers and appendages like those strange and alien animals you see in the movies. When they float on the surface they look like a spider walking on water. They also swallow stinging little organisms so that animals get a nasty surprise if they try to eat them.

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