7 Cutest Cat Breeds to Make You Smile ...


7 Cutest Cat Breeds to Make You Smile ...
7 Cutest Cat Breeds to Make You Smile ...

When I started writing this article about the cutest cat breeds, I found myself in a bit of trouble. I have five cats and, while I think they're all the cutest things in the world, I'm not sure everyone else would agree with me. They're like my kids, which I guess is fitting since they think they're human! Like kids, I have to clean up after them, feed them and take them to the doctor (some more than others). Like kids, they're constantly getting into trouble. And, like kids, they use their cuteness to their advantage when you get mad at them. All cats are cute to me, so it was hard to pick just seven. After much thought and internet-searching, this is the cutest cat breeds list I managed to come up with.

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Singapura This Singapore import is definitely one of the cutest cat breeds I've ever seen. Despite the fact that they are quiet cats, they always have to be the center of attention and will quickly attach themselves to any human who walks through the door. They are the most adorable cats, so even a dog person will love them! Since they're usually small enough to fit through openings, they will get in whatever drawer or room they find without hesitation. They're affectionate people-pleasers, but I would not recommend them to households with small children. It's not that they're temperamental, but they're tiny - usually 4-6 pounds at adulthood! They won't hurt your kids, but your kids might accidentally hurt them!



Manx The distinguishing feature of this adorable breed is its tail (or lack thereof). My cat Toby has this tiny nub that he wags at us on occasion, almost as though he's taunting us. The genetic mutation that produces this feature can cause them to be born with no tail at all or with a tail the length of a normal cat, but the latter are usually docked at birth to lessen the chance of developing the arthritis that often comes along with the breed. They are rather large and solid cats, which is partly why we call ours Fat Muffin! They're sweet and mischievous cats with long back legs that give them rabbit-like jumping ability.



Munchkin I don't have a dog but if I did, I'd pick a "wiener dog." This breed can easily be called a "wiener cat" because of its short legs and tendency to sit up like a Dachshund does. Some people in the cat-show circuit think it's cruel to breed cats like this because they fear that they will have back and hip problems later on. So far, this hasn't happened. They are very sweet cats and, despite their tiny legs, are every bit as active and playful as any other cat. If you want to keep them from destroying your stuff, all you have to do is put it in a high place because they can't jump up the way other cats do.


Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold Their distinctive ears give them sort of a round, owl-like appearance. They're essentially lap kitties who tend to bond with one particular person in the household, although they can get along with kids and other animals. They're very sweet, playful and soft-spoken. Contrary to what you might think, Folds have no problem hearing what's going on around them!


American Shorthair

American Shorthair My cat Slater is an American Shorthair. Like pretty much every other American Shorthair, he won't leave you alone when he gets the feeling to play and cuddle. For him, this is most of the time. Some people call them alley cats because they look so much like the cats you see behind the grocery store every evening, but that's not entirely accurate. They are, however, great mousers and have a sweet and playful disposition. They don't usually like to be picked up, but they will follow you all around the house because they love being near their humans.



LaPerm It's pretty easy to see how this cat got it's name; it looks like it just got a "LaPerm" at the salon! Their fur is so soft, just like a mohair sweater. This is fitting, considering that they're likely never to leave your lap if you sit near one! They are very friendly and are likely to follow their humans everywhere just so they can be near them. What I find particularly interesting is that they're hypoallergenic - they don't have as much dander or whatever it is that makes people allergic to cats, so allergic cat lovers finally have an option!



Ragdoll These cats get their name from their tendency to go limp when they're picked up, just like a rag doll. One of the larger breeds of cat, they can weigh anywhere from 14 to 20 pounds. Despite their size, though, they're very docile and make good indoor lap cats. They come in a variety of colors, but are usually long-haired and need to be groomed about twice a week. They're very good cats for houses with children and people who want a polite cuddle buddy.

Slater and Toby are probably teasing the others about how I think they're cuter than everyone else. At least, they would if they were human. Which cats do you think are the cutest?

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I think that Munchkin kitty is the cutest thing!

I would add Tonkinese to this list...love mine! Super soft fur, super cuddly, super cute!

(Author) thanks! I tried to get pictures of Toby and Slater under Manx and American Shorthair, but I couldn't get the ones I wanted! And I agree, the Tonkinese I've met are sweet. One of my Shorthairs is trying to attack something in the back of a cardboard box right now...:)

The second cat has one hazel green eye and one blue eye..... All cats are soo soo cute

I have a British Shorthair and of course think she is the most gorgeous creature on earth. Blue and cream fur, copper eyes. So mellow and loyal. She's my baby....

I have a rag doll and he is a beautiful orange and white. Also a black gray British shorthair that is the cutest thing on the planet!

I have a Bombay and I love him they are very chatty and love to be the center of attention. Also the teacup persian is a very cute breed too.

Love your write ups! And totally agree with your choice of a LaPerm (#6)!!! ;) Ava (the kitten pictured) certainly has my heart in her paws!

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