7 Cutest Cat Breeds to Make You Smile ...

When I started writing this article about the cutest cat breeds, I found myself in a bit of trouble. I have five cats and, while I think they're all the cutest things in the world, I'm not sure everyone else would agree with me. They're like my kids, which I guess is fitting since they think they're human! Like kids, I have to clean up after them, feed them and take them to the doctor (some more than others). Like kids, they're constantly getting into trouble. And, like kids, they use their cuteness to their advantage when you get mad at them. All cats are cute to me, so it was hard to pick just seven. After much thought and internet-searching, this is the cutest cat breeds list I managed to come up with.

1. Singapura

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This Singapore import is definitely one of the cutest cat breeds I've ever seen. Despite the fact that they are quiet cats, they always have to be the center of attention and will quickly attach themselves to any human who walks through the door. They are the most adorable cats, so even a dog person will love them! Since they're usually small enough to fit through openings, they will get in whatever drawer or room they find without hesitation. They're affectionate people-pleasers, but I would not recommend them to households with small children. It's not that they're temperamental, but they're tiny - usually 4-6 pounds at adulthood! They won't hurt your kids, but your kids might accidentally hurt them!

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