7 Super Cute Things Cats do That We All Love ...


7 Super Cute Things Cats do That We All Love ...
7 Super Cute Things Cats do That We All Love ...

Cats are just the cutest animals, and there are loads of cute things cats do that always make me smile. If you're lucky enough to have your own cat or live with a roommate who has one, then you're sure to have spotted some of these cute things cats do! All together now, 'Awwwww!'

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When your cat climbs into your lap and starts kneading you with their paws, it can be tempting to lift them off - those claws are sharp! But this is actually a way to show affection; it's the way kittens knead their mothers for milk. So the next time your cat starts kneading your leg, give them a stroke and tell them you love them too - it's just one of the cute things cats do!



Cats love to hide, and if you leave a bag or box around, or even a drawer open, they'll crawl inside and snuggle up. Even tight spaces like vases are appealing to cats, who don't ever seem to get stuck! Opening your underwear drawer to find a cat inside can be quite an alarming experience! This is something to bear in mind the next time you can't find your cat - mine seems to be particularly good at hiding, and it's so cute.


Using the Toilet

Yes, it's true, some cats use the toilet! We once had a cat that did this and I couldn't decide whether it was super cute or just plain creepy. To open the bathroom door and see your cat perched primly over the toilet using it is one of the strangest things I've ever seen. Well, at least it means you don't need to bother changing the litter tray!


Sleeping on Things

Did you know that cats spend up to 18 hours a day sleeping? I bet that sounds great to you right about now - I know I would love to have such a lazy day! Cats always seem to want to doze off on things you're using, whether that's the paper you're reading, your book, or in my cat's case, right across the keyboard of my netbook. This can be so annoying, but also so cute, particularly when you're trying to work. No matter how often I move her, she always wants to be close to me, and sometimes she even dozes off with her head on my hand as I'm typing!


Acting as a Feline Alarm Clock

Cats will always let you know when they're hungry, and if you're anything like me, the sound of your cat miaowing at 7am is half annoying, half irresistibly sad sounding. There's something I can't resist about such a pitiful sound, and I always end up getting up to feed her (even on the weekends, although I usually end up back in bed afterwards!). Sometimes older cats can be even more vocal, and I've known friends with cats who would 'sing' all night long - let's hope that doesn't happen with my cat!

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Chasing Things

My cat loves to chase screwed up balls of paper, and during the day when I'm writing is one of her favorite times! I'll frequently screw up bits of paper and drop them on the floor and she has a great time batting them around with her paws - we've spent hours playing this game before and it's so cute and funny! Other things cats like to chase include mice and birds (not always so cute) and their own tails - ahh bless!


Eating Noisily

Cats are quite delicate creatures, from their posture to the way they groom themselves so neatly. But some cats are such noisy eaters! Once, I was sitting in the kitchen and heard an 'Om, nom nom' noise coming from the other room - it was the cat chowing down on her delicious cat food! It really made me laugh, and a few friends have told me their cats are really noisy eaters too; I guess at least you know they're enjoying their food!

Whether you're a dog person or a cat person - or like me, you love both - you can't deny that cats do some really cute and funny things. I've only recently fallen in love with cats as our one is so affectionate! I'm sure there are loads of other cute things that your cats do, so why don't you share them with me?

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My cat Missy used to love newspapers. Every time you'd set the paper down she would lay down on them and not move just lay there and purr!

Th pictures made this article. So cute.

Hey don't forget them licking their little tiny paws and then rubbing their face so their face is clean and it's so cute!

my cat wakes me up every morning at 5 am...begging to go out side. quite annoying! LOL

AW the kitty in the 2nd picture I have to have him/her ✌️❤️

soooo cute!<3 luv my cat

Purring please!!!

Love the pictures.....they r awsome

I love my ragdoll cat! he is super adorable fluffy and lovable...always seeing for attention and wud sometimes sleep wit his legs facing up and pretending to be cute so u cant resist kissing him and rub his belly! Sometimes when ur on ur bed doing ur stuff he wud be in the other room watching u laying on the bed.....and he loves to chase and Play with me so often!

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