7 Facts about Chihuahuas ...

By Elizabeth

7 Facts about Chihuahuas ...

The facts about Chihuahuas are both interesting and surprising, as this small breed has won over the hearts of millions around the world - one look and it is not hard to see why! Loyal, adorable and perfectly mini, the Chihuahua is an ideal pet for the right owner, and can bring endless joy to the lives of those around them. From puppy to adult dog, there are so many facts to know about Chihuahuas that you may not realize just by appearances. Fortunately as the saying goes, every dog has his day, and in that spirit, here are some wonderful facts about Chihuahuas that will soon have you loving them as much as we do! That is, of course, if you don’t already!

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Small in Size, Big in Personality

Appearances can be deceiving - certainly true in life, and certainly true of this small dog, whose miniature size is no match for their big personalities! Full of character, charm and distinct individuality, the truth about this breed is that while they may come up short on inches and pounds, they are not to be underestimated. In fact, most Chihuahuas more than make up for their small size with their confident, inquisitive, courageous and bold attitudes, proving that good things definitely come in small packages!


A Hearty Breed

One of the most positive facts about Chihuahuas, especially if you are considering them as a potential pet, is how hearty of a breed they are. With a life span ranging from thirteen to fifteen years, sometimes even longer, and very few health problems, the average Chihuahua is the picture of vitality - strong, lively, and full of life. Advantageous on many levels, from the perspective of low veterinarian costs and being able to raise a happy, energetic dog, selecting a hearty breed can also be a good influence on your own health, fostering emotional well-being and promoting an active lifestyle.


Fiercely Loyal

An integral component of their character, one of the most important things to know about Chihuahuas is how incredibly loyal and devoted they are, often attaching to the person or family that owns them with an intense and deep bond. While this quality is both endearing and appealing in a pet, Chihuahuas can be jealous with your affections and attention, and have been known to behave aggressively if they feel their connection or position being threatened. For that reason, Chihuahuas do very well in households where their loyalties can be channelled positively: in homes where they are the only pet (the “King” or “Queen”, you might say), living with other dogs in the same breed, or brought in to families where one owner can dedicate themselves to fostering that special, individual connection. It seems to me that we could all use such loyalty in our lives...


Excellent Companions

With such small stature (perfect for cuddling!), such dynamic, devoted personalities, and such strong, consistently good health, it is likely no surprise that this breed of dog make excellent companions for their owners - indeed, for many people, the camaraderie is the most appealing fact about Chihuahuas. Often referred to affectionately as “mini shadows,” these sweet dogs are true pack animals, and as such, they love being a part of the “clan,” involved in the action around them, giving and receiving great affection, and curiously watching your every move. In fact, Chihuahuas are known to be less independent dogs, preferring by far to be in the company of their owners, or other Chihuahuas, to being alone, and have very high social needs in terms of engaging and interacting with others. In this respect, Chihuahuas are excellent companions to those who have lots of love and attention to give.


Low-Maintenance Physically

One of the most advantageous facts about Chihuahuas, as with so many small or toy breeds, is that these types of dogs are generally low-maintenance physically. Great for urban settings, they prefer consistent walks to long runs, eat in moderate to small amounts, require very little grooming, and have few joint or muscle problems, even in older age. The main considerations physically for a Chihuahua involve the effects of their small size: a sensitivity to colder climates, the inability to maneuver through or over large obstacles, especially in maturity, and the need for a harness instead of a standard leash for walking, as you can easily damage their small, delicate necks with an average collar.

Famous Quotes

Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.

Bruce Lee

Highly Intelligent

Clever, curious and strong-minded, the truth about this breed is that they are a very smart dog. Whether being trained in something new, figuring out their environment, or enjoying play time, the fact about Chihuahuas is that with such high intelligence, they are incredibly eager to take on a variety of challenges and prefer to be engaged mentally. With that in mind, it’s important to know that Chihuahuas do not react well when they are bored and require a moderate to high level of interaction with their owners - in this case, you can and should teach an old dog new tricks!


A Hollywood Favorite

With so many appealing qualities and such a self-assured demeanor, it is no wonder that Hollywood has fallen in love with Chihuahuas, and this love affair dates back much further than the days of Paris Hilton and Reese Witherspoon. Potentially the most glamorous of all the facts about Chihuahuas, this breed had one of their first Hollywood admirers in Marilyn Monroe, who famously acquired her pet Chihuahua, Josepha, after signing with Columbia Pictures in 1948. More than sixty years later Chihuahuas are being featured in movies, television commercials, and still adored as the pets of many international celebrities. I suppose, once you go Hollywood, you never go back!

Adorable features, miniature sizing and larger than life attitudes: there are so many aspects of Chihuahuas to adore, it is clear why this charismatic little breed has become such an icon in the dog world. With so many facts about Chihuahuas to learn and love, more and more people have taken to owning this special pet, and enjoying the immense benefits that come with this adorable dog. If you have a Chihuahua, or just love the breed, share with us! What are your favorite facts about Chihuahuas?

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You should do a list for people who prefer larger breeds of dogs for example GSD (German Shepherd dog), Pit bull type dogs (includes 7 or more breeds), Newfoundland dog, Mastiff, ect. P.S - If you do a list could you please do your homework on pit bulls they get a bad rap as it is and any good media would be welcome. Another good thing to mention is they are the best snugglers in the whole world!!!!!!!!!! Bye :)

Love love love Chihuahuas! I have two!

when im older I want to be the chihuahua lady.right now I have my one baby

How cute! We are thrilled you are a Chihuahua fan like we are - thanks so much for reading Jaime!

I loooooove my chihuahuas. They are just the sweetest, most loyal, intelligent, amazing dogs I've ever known. The expressions on their faces, and the deep emotion they are able to portray ... they are much more than dogs.