7 Winter Hazards You Should Protect Your Pets from ...


The Winter has finally arrived, and it’s not just humans that need to be extra careful at this time of the year; there are plenty of winter hazards for pets, too. Whether you’ve got a dog, a rabbit or a lizard, there’s only one way to keep them safe and happy through the Winter period. Study up on these winter hazards for pets and make sure your loved ones stay safe all season long (and don’t forget to send us a picture, too!).

1. Antifreeze

This one is possibly the most widely-reported Winter hazard for pets, and it’s for a good reason, too. Every year, hundreds of animals die after consuming Ethylene Glycol, or Antifreeze. It has a sweet smell and an enticing appearance, but it’s totally toxic to cats and dogs, and can cause death within hours. Keep your pets well away from any antifreeze, and mop up any spillages ASAP, or even better, use Propylene Glycol, which is pet-friendly. If you do think your pet may have consumed antifreeze, get to a vet ASAP. This poison has a very fast absorption rate, taking around one hour, and kidney failure can begin very soon afterwards. Treatments can be given, and are very effective if received fast enough, so don’t take the risk.

Keep the Water Clear!
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