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7 Steps to Being Spring Ready ...

By Elizabeth

Are you spring ready? Are you prepared for the beautiful days just ahead? Are you excited for the birds and the bees, flowers and budding trees? I know I am! If you still stuck in the winter blues, here is seven great steps to get you spring ready!

1 Clean up

One of the first steps to getting spring ready is spring cleaning. Now, I know this isn't the fun sort of thing you had in mind, but in my experience, springtime is much more enjoyable when you have a fresh, clean house. And if you set your mind to it, spring cleaning doesn't take very long at all. Think of it as a good jump start on housework, giving you much more time outside when the weather turns pretty!

2 Get Those Hands Dirty

There is nothing that gets you ready for spring quite so much as getting your flower beds cleaned out and flowers potted. Oh my, it's so therapeutic and yields lovely results! I love planting flowers in my yard that come back every year. It's the gift that keeps on giving. Among those flowers would be a beautiful lily collection. (Even though most flower vendors would have you believe there are only a few perennial lilies, truth is, most of them are!) Go on, dig in the dirt a little bit, and then go on to step 3!

3 Get a Mani/Pedi

After getting down and dirty in the gardens, it's time to get those fingernails cleaned up with a good manicure. Choose a pretty spring color nail polish and look fashionable. It seems that "contrast" is the name of the game for fashionable nails this spring. Pale, French white nails and moody black are the ways to go. And while you're there at the spa, get a good pedicure. Get those tootsies sandal ready!

4 Start Diet and Exercise

Winter is a time for snacking much too often, and we tend to put on a few unwanted pounds. I find it's much easier to get into a fitness plan when spring rolls around because you can get out and walk or jog for some fresh air and exercise. This might not be the greatest step to getting spring ready, but hey, you want to have a great summer body, don't you?

5 Find New Hair

When spring blossoms, it's a time of new beginnings. A time for change and fresh looks. Why not start spring with a fresh hairstyle? Go short, go layered, change your color... whatever represents a new you for spring. And own it!

6 Go Shopping

What girl would be spring ready without first having a few new items for her spring wardrobe? Get out there, visit some of your favorite, fashion forward stores and get some new spring fashions to debut! It looks like spring fashions are bringing a lot of bright, bold colors into play! I can't wait!

7 Relax!

You know what my favorite thing to do in early spring is? Finding a fresh patch of nice, soft, green grass and just laying down in it! I close my eyes and let the sounds and smells of nature coming to life wash over my body. And when I finally do decide to get up, I feel as if I, too, have just blossomed. It's such an incredible, refreshing feeling, just being outside after a long, cold winter!

There, you have it! You should be good to go and spring ready after these seven steps! What are some things you do when preparing for spring? Please share with me! I love hearing from my readers!

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