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Winter months are quickly approaching and it is important to know tips to stay safe outdoors in cold weather. Winter can be a fun time when a white blanket of snow covers the ground, ponds and lakes become solid sheets of ice, and the air is brisk. When you aren’t inside enjoying a cup of hot chocolate by the cozy fireplace you may decide to venture out and partake in any of the several fun outdoor activities. If you plan to spend anytime outside this winter read these 7 tips to stay safe outdoors in cold weather first.

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Layer up

Layer up I’m sure most of you are fashion forward enough that you already embrace the idea layers. In winter weather layers are essential. The good thing about layers is you can remove them as your body warms up. One tip to stay safe outdoors in cold weather is to wear wool and other fabrics instead of cotton. Cotton doesn’t hold in warmth the way other fabrics do.


Hats off

Hats off No, just kidding! Keep that hat on. Hats are crucial in cold weather. You want to wear a hat to keep your bodies heat from escaping off the top of your head. Luckily, there are tons of cute and trendy hats out there to choose from. They aren’t just adorable, they will keep you warm this winter. You can also wear scarves and earmuffs for a little extra warmth.


Drink up!

Drink up! What? Did you think you could take a break from drinking water in the winter? Sorry, you need just as much water in the cold months as you do the warm ones. You actually lose a lot of water when you are outside in the cold just from breathing. You lose even more water if you are out in the cold skating, sledding, or skiing. Warm liquids and soups will help your body warm up while replenishing fluids in your body.


Take Breaks

Take Breaks Don’t try to spend numerous hours outside without coming in for breaks.If you start to shiver and feel your teeth chatter it’s probably a good sign that you need to come inside to warm up. I know playing in the snow can be fun, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.



Waterproof Make sure the outer layer of your clothing is waterproof. It’s one thing to be cold. It’s another thing to be wet and cold. Your hat, winter coat, boots and gloves should all be waterproof if you plan to play out in the snow.


Watch for Frostbite

Watch for Frostbite Not wearing the right clothing puts you at risk for frostbite. Frostbite happens when exposed skin tissues freeze. This usually happens to toes, fingers, your face, and ears. Signs of frostbite include numbness, pain when touched, and glossy or pale looking skin. If you notice these things go inside to warm up and contact your doctor for further instructions.


Have Fun

Have Fun Good for you for not letting the cold winter bring you down. The cold winter months may seem like they drag on and on, so we might as well embrace them while they are here. If you live in area that gets lots of snow take a moment and truly marvel at this beautiful wonder. You get to see and enjoy something that others do not.

If your are a cold weather expert tell us some of the ways you stay safe while outside. I’d love to read your suggestions in the comments.

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