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7 Ways to Help Your Pet when You Can't Get Them to the Vet ...

By Adriana

Growing up with pets teaches you ways to help your pet when you can’t get them to the vet. Every time one of my pets gets hurt, it usually occurs late in the afternoon or on a Sunday when the vet is closed, so my mom and I have to figure out ways to help our little babies feel better until we get them to them to a vet. For those of you ladies who have pets and aren’t familiar with these ways to help your pet when they are sick or hurt, continue reading!

1 Reacting Badly to a Spray-on Medicine

Showering is one of ways to help your pet. My cats got poisoned once because I sprayed tick medicine on them that was meant for dogs. I sprayed them and two hours later, they were walking sideways, falling over, and refusing to drink water. I immediately gave them a shower to remove the medicine. It took a couple of showers to have them feeling better but it didn’t mean they were cured. I still took them to the vet the next day because they required shots and pills to remove the poison from the inside of them. After spraying on medicine, observe your pets for a few hours for any reactions so that you can give them a shower to wash it off if needed.

2 Vomiting and/or Diarrhea

When your pets have eaten something that didn’t sit well with their stomachs, give them Pepto-Bismol. I’ve given this treatment to my pets and it cures them right up. Just give them a spoonful; it won’t be easy, but it will make your baby feel better. If the problem isn’t fixed, you should still take them to the vet but most likely, with one or two treatments, your pet will be better.

3 Pet Physically Injured

My cat is always getting in fights so now I have a routine method for the days he walks in with battle wounds. The first thing I do is clean the cut with hydrogen peroxide; it can be bought at a grocery store. Then I put some pain relief lotion on the cut, which can be found at a Petco and Tractor Supply. I’ll wait an hour for the pain to cease to finally put Neosporin on him so that the cut begins to heal itself. The same applies for matters such as dog bites and cuts from climbing under a fence.

4 Pet Has a Fever

When my dogs get fevers, I give them showers to cool down their temperature and then give them a fourth or half of an aspirin, depending on the size of the pill. Careful with how much aspirin you give your pet because it can be too strong for them and lead to poisoning.

5 Pet Not Eating

When my Kitty got a throat infection he refused to eat, so I gave him tuna water because it’s full of fatty nutrients. Try tuna water and eventually your pet will begin to eat the tuna itself. If they aren’t eating in the first place, then they must be really sick and need to be seen by a veterinarian.

6 Pet Bites

I know I already wrote a piece on physical injuries but as far as pet bites go, remember to keep applying Neosporin and wrap the bite with vet wrap. There needs to be applied pressure on the cut.

7 Dehydration

If your pet is dehydrating then you need to force feed them water. Use an eye dropper or syringe and force water down their throats. It won’t be easy but it’s very necessary.

These tips are for times you can’t get to a vet. They are not solutions but delays; you're still going to have to take you ill or injured pet to the vet as soon as you can. Were these techniques helpful? What other tips do you know to help your pet?

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