7 Things Worth Knowing about Your Cat That May Surprise You ...


There are so many things worth knowing about your cat, because they are such interesting and complex creatures. Most cat owners will know the basics about their furry friends, but there are plenty of other things worth knowing about your cat, some of which may come as a surprise.

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Types of Purr

The fact that different purrs mean different things is definitely one of the things worth knowing about your cat. The ordinary purr you hear, the non-solicitation purr, is typically associated with contentment but can signify other strong emotions too. It can vary in volume, but is typically quite even and not too fast. The solicitation purr means that your cat wants something, and you may hear it at feeding time. It’s much less even, often with fast bursts and is at the same frequency as a baby’s cry, tapping right into our natural instincts to love and nurture.


Scent Glands

My cat is always rubbing his cheeks against me, and also things around the house, so I researched why. It turns out that cats have scent glands in their cheeks, so this behavior is just him marking his territory. It’s certain more pleasant than urine spraying, so rub away Billy!


Fast Runners

We’ve all seen a cat move quickly, but they can run up to an astonishing 30mph, faster than world record holding sprinter Usain Bolt. There’s no point trying to outrun your cat, or chasing it to try and catch it, because you probably won’t stand a chance.


Relaxed Behaviour

The fact that many cats, and not just dogs, do enjoy lying on their backs is one thing worth knowing about your cat. A cat lying or sleeping on its back is a happy cat that feels safe and relaxed in its environment. A gentle swing of the tail from side to side also indicates a relaxed mood, contrary to what many people believe about any tail flicking being a bad sign. Be careful about rubbing your cat’s tummy, though. Many cats may lie on their backs but this doesn’t automatically mean that they will like having their tummies rubbed.


Ultrasonic Hearing

We all know that both cats and dogs have excellent hearing, but did you know that cats’ ears can detect ultrasonic sounds? Rodents use these sounds to communicate, so this super hearing helps cats to hunt. If you ever see your cat apparently listening intently to something you cannot hear, it may be an ultrasonic sound, which neither humans nor dogs can hear.


Sweet Foods

If your cat likes lots of human foods like mine does (roast potatoes, peas and pasta, to name just a few) but takes no interest in sugary snacks, it’s because their taste buds cannot detect sugar. If they show an interest in chocolate or desserts of any kind, it’s probably the dairy content they like, rather than the sweetness.



Cats use their whiskers to gauge the size of openings, allowing them to judge whether they can fit through or not. Because of this, it’s important not to ever cut or damage your cat’s whiskers in any way. Their anatomy also allows them to squeeze into tight spaces, with a collarbone buried in muscle but not attached to any other bones.

Well there you have it: 7 cat facts that may help you understand your furry friends a little bit better. Are there any strange things your cat does that you really don’t understand the reason behind?

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My cat's not lactose intolerant, for some reason she's a sucker for milk and ice cream... She's 13 and still acts like a kitten!

My cat goes crazy over sour candy, I wonder why

How can i write an article on All Women Stalk

I'm forever trying to figure out why one of my boys likes to lick plastic bags. I've even caught him licking window blinds. Apparently plastic has some taste that he likes, I guess.

Cats are lactose intolerant

Some cats have different pitches with their purring, almost like a cooing

Did you know, if your patting your cat when it is lying down and it rolls kind of onto it's belly it's showing you how purely it trusts you. Cool article :)

Read 2 points of the article - already laughing !!! So true! I have a kitty (actually a Cornish Rex cat called Nannie) adore cats!

itis impossible to catch my girl, only if she lets me to do it.

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