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7 Awesome Ways to Keep Your Pet Happy Always ...

By Renee

There are few things that consume a pet owners’ thoughts and pocketbook as much as thinking of ways to keep your pet happy. On an average day, I think of my sweet senior pup more than I think of my beloved sweetheart. Did I give her a treat before I walked out the door today? How would she like a sweater or two? I wonder what she’s dreaming right now? Luckily, there are ways to keep your pet happy that don’t involve mind-reading or a second mortgage.

1 Cuddle Bunnies

When I walk up to my lovey pup with no agenda other than to squeeze the stuffing out of her and snuggle the white patch on the top of her head, the tail wagging I receive in return is worth more than all the rawhides in the word. Sometimes your pet needs to know you love them just for being them, not for being the most awesome foot warmer or fiercest barker in the hood. Your cuddles are the best of all the ways to keep your pet happy.

2 Get down down down on the Ground with Them

Your little pumpkin pie, whether a tabby, ferret, or Heinz 57, appreciates you seeing things from their perspective. Get down on the carpet, even to sit and watch the next episode of your secret addiction show. They’ll appreciate your inventive solution to the ‘no pets on the furniture’ issue.

3 Playtime

Time is more expensive than money for most of us these days. Those who can’t literally get in our faces to say they are priceless and worth every bit of our attention generally have a tougher time getting it. Make a date with your special little one, and put it in ink!

4 Massage

Use some of the (gentle) techniques your favorite masseuse uses on your shoulder knots to relax your snuggle bunny after a long afternoon of…napping (they don’t call it ‘a dog’s life’ for nothing). Pets love to be reminded that the most important thing they need to do each day is to relax, and be the antithesis to our usual days.

5 Coffee Clutch-socialization

Puppy parks, doggy daycares, and pet blog sites all exist for one reason. We love to talk about our pets with others who like to talk about their pets. We like to watch our pets gallivant with other little bundles of fun. It’s not only good for your pet, it’s great for you!

6 Say What?

Have you ever taken the time to read the label of the food bag you give to your sweet baby for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Sometimes nothing says L-O-V-E like a new and nutritious flavor. Go slowly in switching out the same old, same old, and your pet and her taste buds will thank you.

7 Walk on the Wild Side

Whether you have a beautiful bunny, cute kitty, or a perfect pup, a change of scenery is a welcome adventure for anyone. Take them around the block, and let the adoration begin — your sweet one for you, and others for your sweet one.

One of the biggest pleasures of having a pet in your life is sharing your life with each other, through the good times and the not so good. There are so many ways to keep your pet happy. What is your favorite way?

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