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7 Easy Ways You Can Help save Animals ...

By Holly

There are ways you can help save animals, so that they get to live the lives of freedom they deserve. No one likes the idea of an innocent animal getting hurt. They can’t stand up for themselves in the way that we can, so we have to protect them. If you want to be a hero, here are a few ways you can help save animals:

1 Act like a Vegan

Becoming a full fledged vegan is too drastic for most people. However, just because you won’t give up meat doesn’t mean that you can’t act like a vegan in other ways. Refuse to wear cow leather, snake skin, or any kind of fur. Why would you want to walk around wearing something that an animal was hurt for? One of the ways you can help save animals is by refusing to support companies who profit off of them.

2 Adopt

This is the best way to save a life! Head to a shelter and adopt a doggie or kitty that is in need of a loving home. Puppies are adopted the quickest, so why not opt for an older animal? If they’re a year or two old, chances are that they’re already potty trained and won’t rip your house apart. The older, the better.

3 Volunteer at a Shelter

If you love animals, you’ll have no problem working with them. You can’t adopt every single animal you see, but you can help them all out. By volunteering at a shelter, you’ll be doing good for animals, and you’ll be having fun. What could be better than spending your days feeding and petting your new furry friends?

4 Cruelty-free Products

Before buying your makeup or shampoo, check the label on the container. Make sure that it clearly states that the product was not tested on animals. Too many companies sacrifice animal lives in order to better their brand. In order to protest their cruelty, never buy a product that was tested on an innocent animal.

5 Keep Pets Safe

Once you own a dog or cat, make sure you protect them. Put a collar and tags on them in case they run away. Use natural cleaners, so that they don’t end up consuming something hazardous. Now that you have a pet, you’re in charge of keeping him or her safe.

6 Get Friends Involved

You don’t have to shove your beliefs down anyone’s throat. However, if you have a friend or two that shares your love for animals, ask them to come down to the shelter with you to volunteer. Or, if that’s too big of a step, do something small like share this list with them. You shouldn’t force anyone to share your morals. Of course, you’re free to let them know what they could do for the environment, if they’re willing.

7 Donate

If you don’t have time to dedicate toward saving animals, you still have money. There are plenty of charities to donate to, both big and small. Just make sure you do your research before donating, because you don’t want to give your cash to the wrong foundation. As long as you know that your check will do some good, give as much or as little as you can. Every penny counts.

We can all do little things that contribute to a huge cause. Do you have any pets? What kind?

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