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Understanding the tips to be a great dog owner is necessary in allowing your dog the best doggie lifestyle possible. Because dogs aren’t human, people tend to overlook the significance of the way they treat them. I love dogs and was raised in a household with them, so I am well versed on what’s important and what’s not. Chances are, your dog has always been there for you, and if you want him or her to continue being your biggest fan and support, follow these tips to be a great dog owner.

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Say Hi when You Come Home

The tips to be a great dog owner are endless, but a simple greeting is an awesome way to start! When you’re gone, whether it’s for five minutes or five hours, your dog misses you. Greet your dog, and act as if you are unconditionally excited to see him. Just because you had a bad day doesn’t mean you should take it out on others, especially your pet, because there’s not a chance in heck it was his fault! After being alone for a long period of time, your dog will be enormously pleased to see you, and it’s important to reciprocate that emotion.


Don’t Leave for Long Periods of Time

Many dogs have separation anxiety, so being left alone can be a frightening experience. When you must leave the house, make sure to leave them with entertainment, like a bone or kong, so they’re distracted. Let your dog out before leaving, and make it a point to be back in suitable time before he or she has to go out again. If your dog has an accident while you’re gone, it’s either because he’s nervous to be alone or simply because you forgot to let him out. Be easy on him because it wasn’t his fault. Also, don’t forget to feed him and provide water before you leave!


Reward Your Dog

Dogs can’t be trained unless they’re rewarded for the good they do. If they’re constantly failing at the tricks you taught them, it might be because they’re unaware of what’s right and wrong. Praise them with a high, happy voice, and even give them a treat when they’ve pleased you. In doing this, they’ll eventually understand that they’re performance was a success. When they misbehave, do not yell, but instead say, "no" in a stern voice. Yelling will only frighten them, as will any negative physical contact.


Take Your Dog on Walks and Play Fetch

Dogs are an energetic species that need exercise! After being locked up in the house all day, a walk or a simple game of fetch is immensely pleasing. My dogs are absolutely fascinated by fetch whether it’s a 5-foot game in the house or 100-yards in the park. They love to impress their owners by retrieving what’s thrown. Tug-of-war can also be fun once they bring the toy back to you.


Pay Attention to Your Dog’s Health

Whenever my dog isn’t feeling well, she acts as if she’s fine because she’s selfless and prioritizes making me happy. It’s important to take your dogs to the vet, and vaccinate them when needed. If they aren’t eating or are constantly down and sleepy, it may be a good idea to visit a veterinarian to find out what’s wrong. You know how it feels to be sick and not tended to, so be sure to watch out for signs that your dog may not feel well. If you notice swelling, weight loss, itchiness, or unusual bumps, these could be signs of illness.



Some dogs are more touchy-feely than others, but very few will refuse a simple hug or petting session. The more attention you feed your dog, the more he will love and appreciate you. Don’t ever forget or ignore their presence. Although they’ll never show signs of feeling unnoticed, it will absolutely hurt their feelings. Your dog is always there for you, so you should be there for him!



You may not know this, but many dogs suffer from dental problems, so brush your dog’s teeth as often as possible. Brushing is important as well because in forgetting this, you’re risking your dog becoming matted. This could lead to skin irritation or infection. Bathing of your dog is essential because it decreases allergy problems and oily skin. Nail trimming is often overlooked, but extremely necessary. Overgrown nails can be torn off which we all know is tremendously painful. Cutting their nails is also probable if you care about the condition of your wood floors.

My dogs are a magnificently pleasant part of my life, and I am always sure to award them with the appreciation they deserve. To me, abandoning a dog’s needs is similar to doing that to a human. Do you have any tips to share about how to treat your dogs?

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Brilliant !!!

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Nice! Though it's a bit different when you have an outdoors dog that can run a lot and has space and like to get dirty :)

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