7 Tips for Pet Proofing Your Home ...


Do you need some tips on pet proofing your home? Pets are lovely, but they can damage your furniture. You also need to make sure that there is nothing in the home that can be harmful to them. Try these tips for pet proofing your home to keep it safe for your pet, and safe from them …

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Wooden Floors

If you can afford to spend some money pet proofing your home, wooden floors are very practical (especially if you've got a puppy that may have accidents). They're a lot easier to clean if your dog pees on the floor! Carpets take a lot of vacuuming to get rid of all the hair your pet sheds. If you have an indoor cat, make sure that he has access to his litter box at all times.


Protect Furniture

If you have a cat, always get a scratch post. Cats need to sharpen their claws regularly, and if they don't have a post they will use your furniture. It's also a good idea to protect your sofa and chairs with loose covers or a throw, in case the cat scratches them anyway. This is especially wise if you live in a rented home with the landlord's furniture.


Move Breakables

Cats love to climb, so try to position breakables out of reach. You'd be surprised where your cat can get to if it's determined, so think carefully about where your ornaments will be safe from harm. Any valuables will be best off in a cabinet. Even on the floor, items may be vulnerable if you have a boisterous dog who likes to tear around the house.


Child Proof

A good guide for a pet-proof home is to take the same measures as you would to protect a child. Animals can be pretty determined when it comes to breaking into cupboards, so latches on kitchen cabinets can be a good idea. Many human medicines are poisonous to pets, so lock all pills in a medicine cabinet. A safety gate can be useful to stop pets escaping through open doors.


Safety Issues

Some apparently innocent items are actually a potential danger to pets. Do you have houseplants? Check if it's safe to have them in the house, as some plants are poisonous to cats. And always check your washing machine or dryer before switching it on - cats can think it's a lovely place to hide.


Cover Windows

When you open your windows to let in fresh air, always ensure that your cat is out of the room if you live in an apartment. There is a risk that they will climb out of the window and fall. In order to be able to open windows safely, you could cover them with a screen. This way you can let fresh air in and keep your cats safe, or let your birds fly around the room.


No Go Rooms

Finally, you may want to designate certain rooms as pet-free zones to protect your furniture or possessions. Keep the doors firmly shut so that the pets can't get in. It may be easier to convince dogs that they're not allowed in! Cats may take a little more convincing …

As much as we love our pets, they can be messy or even destructive. But some simple steps can help reduce the damage. Have your pets ever broken anything in the home?

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