7 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe during Fireworks Season ...


Although fireworks are beautiful and I love how they accessorize the night sky with their glitter and gold, our pets can get very scared during fireworks season and there are some ways to keep your pets safe that I would like to share.

Our pets don't understand the significance of Bonfire Night or Christmas, so as exciting as these fireworks may be for us, the noises are super stressful for them. These ways to keep your pets safe during fireworks season should help keep them calm and happy.

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Favorite Place

One of the first ways to keep your pets safe and happy during fireworks season, is to ensure they have unrestricted access to their favorite places in the house. Maybe they have a favorite room or a favorite spot behind that wardrobe. Having unlimited access to their favorite spot will mean that they will feel a little less stressed as they're in a familiar place. Where cats are concerned, make sure that their litter and food is nearby too.


Windows, Curtains and Doors

Try to keep the windows and curtains in the house closed. This will minimize the noise and disruption caused by the fireworks. It's also a good idea to ensure that doors are closed as your pets might get so scared that they run out of the house and escape. One way to calm your pets is to put on some calming music. This will mask and muffle the sound.


Avoid Holding

It's probably not a good idea to hold your pet when the fireworks begin as the booms and bangs might mean that they may make sudden movements and they may cause you or themselves an injury in the process. Due to the fact that they might be feeling particularly skittish during the fireworks, try not to stroke them either.


Calming Pheromones

You can buy plug-in pheromone diffusers and sprays from your pet store and they're great for calming your pets during stressful times. The soothing chemicals are dispersed into the room and can work wonders. It's worth investing in these, not only for fireworks season. They can also be a calming influence in multi animal households and during any other changes in the home.


Hide and Seek

If your pet has a favorite place they like to hide in, make sure that they can get to it easily and try not to tempt them out as this might make them more stressed.


Sound Proofing

If your pets live outside, ensure that cages, aviaries and pens are partly covered with blankets. Also, ensure that they can still see outside and give them lots of extra bedding so that they can burrow if they need to.



Make sure your dog has their favorite toys nearby so that they can play with them when the fireworks begin. If you're struggling to get your dog's attention, ignore the fireworks yourself and play with the toy to see if your dog wants to join in with you. They'll soon forget the noises outside as you distract them.

Fireworks are beautiful but our pets don't appreciate them quite as much as we do. These measures should ensure that they stay safe and happy. Do you have any top tips for keeping pets happy during fireworks season?

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