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7 Things Your Dog Wishes You Knew ...

By Renee

Our dogs are some of the smartest beings in our lives, and some of the things your dog wishes you knew are some of the most basic in life. The things that fulfill us the most can be found in the eyes of your dog. Unconditional love, fun, and acceptance can be found within your faithful companion’s adoring gaze. The things your dog wishes you knew will not only make you a better pet owner, but also a better person.

1 Snuggling is More Important than Bacon

One of the most important things your dog wishes you knew is that affection is the key to a happy life. Your dog gets something out of this too. A rub behind her ear, a night of Turner & Hooch on the couch, or a summer afternoon swinging with your best four-footed friend on the porch also brightens the mood of your devoted pooch.

2 Going for a Meandering Walk is Good for the Soul

Truly, the saying about all those wander are not lost, is not lost on a dog. Walking, finding interesting things to explore on the road of life, allowing a detour into the picture every once in a while, and just contemplating the roads less traveled are a dog’s specialties. Have you noticed how a dog rarely seems worried? This may be why. Going with the flow is the way to avoid forehead wrinkles. Unless you’re a sharpei.

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3 Dog Kisses Heal

A good dog kiss is the cure for the common cold, indigestion, and a broken heart, all rolled into one. Perhaps not, but it feels that way. When the boss has been in the same bad mood for the past fourteen years, a kiss from Fido will make you feel like a worthwhile person again. When the latest heating bill equals the national debt, a smooch from the pooch is priceless. When the phone doesn’t ring, your pup will make you remember his woof is the most important call of your day.

4 Baths Can Be Fun

Why do dogs like swimming and not bathing? Because we make one fun, and one a chore. Your pup has no problem with getting soapy with it, as long as you can make it fast and fun. Even better if some of the suds end up on you too! This is another perfect example of a human life lesson. Make it fun, and it’s no longer work. While there are things we have to do, if they’re done with a positive attitude, we won’t suffer through it, we’ll dance through it!

5 Healthy Food is Delectable

Have you noticed that while dogs will usually eat what’s given to them, they groove on chicken, rice, and vegetables? They seem to know what makes them feel good long after the bowl is empty. Yes, they lose it for the steak scraps, but a dog waiting for a piece of boiled chicken is just as amusing. If dogs have horse sense, why don’t we? Hmm.

6 Routines Are Awesome

To our chagrin, pups seem to know when our alarm clock is going to go off exactly 5.2 minutes before the bell sounds. They have their routines, the ones that get them up at a certain time, make their tummies growl on some sort of gastric schedule, and the ones that help them to know just when you have sat down on the couch so that they can ask you to go outside at that moment. Routines can be such a positive thing too. Small meals spaced a few hours apart, exercise in the morning and sometimes a walk at night too, and naps every half hour. Your boss may have an issue with the last one, however.

7 A Good Game is Worth Your Weight in Rawhide

Your dog can have fun with a stick. He can twirl in circles under his blanket until he’s dizzy and falls down. It doesn’t take him a ten dollar toy to find ways to amuse himself. He takes the moment, and shakes it like a stuffed squirrel toy. This is a goodie for us too. We don’t need to spend money to have a good time, we don’t have to fly to a beach for a vacation. We can take what we have and shake it like a stuffie too.

Dogs have an innate ability to see into our hearts and souls. They know when we need a cuddle, and when we need a laugh. They are our rock and soft spot. What is the most important thing your dog has ever taught you? What is the one thing your dog wished you knew?

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