7 Adorable Dog Videos That Will Make You Want to Run to the Pet Store ...


7 Adorable Dog Videos That Will Make You Want to Run to the Pet Store ...
7 Adorable Dog Videos That Will Make You Want to Run to the Pet Store ...

When you're bored and can't think of anything to search on YouTube, why not watch some adorable dog videos? Animals never fail to make us smile. Some of us even prefer them to other humans. If you're an animal lover, you'll love these adorable dog videos.

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Driving Dogs

Have you ever wished your dog had a special skill? It's easy to teach your pup how to sit and roll over, but it's a bit harder to teach him how to drive. In this video from New Zealand, three pooches are taught how to operate a vehicle. They're better than some human drivers! This is one of the adorable dog videos that is guaranteed to make you smile.


Baby and Best Friend

If you find babies as cute as you find doggies, then you're going to love this video. A little kid watches her mother blow bubbles and her dog try to eat them. The kid is beyond entertained, which in turn provides entertainment for us. Both the dog and child are precious, and will give you a laugh. Of course, I'm sure you won't be laughing as much as the baby in the video.


Cabbage Canine

Have you ever seen a pup try to steal a snack that wasn't his? In this video, a dog tries and tries to steal a cabbage from off of the kitchen counter. He gets an A for effort, because he never gives up trying. Does he succeed in his goal? Watch the video to find out!



Don't you love to come home and be greeted with a wagging tail? If your dog is that excited to see you after a day of school, imagine how happy he'd be to see you after years of being away. In this video, a soldier returns home to see his pet. It's an adorable moment that is worthy of being caught on camera. Dogs are a part of the family, and miss you as much as you miss them.


Beware of the Bath

Some dogs absolutely despise baths and the dog in this video is one of them. He runs away and refuses to comply to his owner's wishes. All he wants to do is stay dry and out of the bathtub. He goes so far as to play dead and lay on the floor without moving. The owner has trouble getting him to do what she wants, but she tries her hardest with a smile on her face.


Trampoline Tricks

This dog loves the trampoline so much that he can't get enough of it. He doesn't just jump around, but he does rolls and flips. He's a natural gymnast! The owner is smart enough to keep a net around the trampoline so that his beloved pup doesn't get hurt. As long as the dog is kept safe, he might as well have as much fun as he likes jumping around for the world to see.


Confused Canine

How adorable is it when a dog cocks his head to the side? In this video, a Boxer puppy is confused when he hears a voice through a telephone. He doesn't understand what's going on, and the confusion is evident on his cute face. If you don't have a dog, this video is going to make you want one. How can you resist something so precious?

I hope you enjoyed watching these adorable animals! What was the funniest or cutest thing you've ever seen a pet do? Did you capture it on video?

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Adorable!! These are the cutest dogs and puppies!!

I\'ve wanted a boxer puppy for such a long time!!!! Love it so adorable!!! I get more clucky over puppies than babies!!! I think that means I need to be a fur mum before a baby mum :)

Was having a really bad day, these videos were so cute, really lifted my spirits ! Great message too on the driving dogs video \"animals this smart deserve a home\"!!!!!! It\'s awesome that they showed that shelter dogs can be so smart snd easily trained, I hope it encourages people to adopt! As far as pet stores, I agree adopting from a shelter is better, however, the dogs at pet stores deserve a home too. Poor things, I hate seeing them in cages. I encourage people to let pet store owners know that we care where they get their dogs from and greatly despise puppy mills. They need to know that if they sell puppy mill puppies the public will not tolerate it. I wish puppy mill operators were more severely punished and when they are discovered it was more publicized to their local communities to embarrass them as much as possible!

Loved these vids!

Always adopt and save a life! I wish people weren\'t allowed to breed animals or sell them in pet stores because they don\'t care where the animals end up or how they\'re treated to them it\'s just profit sadly.

The dog and his soldier almost made me cry. It was so touching.

Haha! I LOVE the beware of bath and driving dogs! Their sooooo funny! ;)

There so cute

The videos are wonderful, stores that sell dogs, not so much. Many if not all of the puppies in pet store are bred in puppy mills, where the adult dogs are abused, and the puppies left behind are abused also and often end up dying horrible deaths. I don\'t want to take the fun out of your post, but more and more states, including mine, CT, are making puppy mills illegal. If you really love dogs, adopt from a shelter!!! While the no-kill shelter movement is marching steadily forward, municipal dog pounds can only keep stray animals for a limited amount of time. If you adopt a shelter dog, not only will you get a remarkable and unique pet, you will also be saving a life

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