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7 Ways to Come up with a Name for Your New Pet ...

By Holly

When coming up with a name for your new pet, you want to choose something that fits them. You can’t keep changing their name every week and expecting them to come when called. In order to stick with a name for your new pet, it has to be well thought out. It’s better to let your animal go nameless for a few days than to pick something that doesn’t suit them.

1 I Spy

I SpyIf your dog is always wiggling around, you can name him something that references a worm or simply call him ‘Wiggles.’ You can use a silly name if it seems like his personality is playful or a more serious name if he likes to lie around all day. If you’re looking for a name for your new pet, try to examine him as he sleeps or plays. Pieces of his personality can shine through at any moment. Don’t miss an opportunity to name him something that fits.

2 Coat Color

Coat ColorThis one is a bit cliché, but you can name your dog by the color of their fur. I had a brown coon hound that I so cleverly named Brownie. You can even go ironic with the name. If you have a black cat, name her something that a white one would be named, like Snowflake. Do whatever matches your style.

3 Steal from Celebs

Steal from CelebsIf you have a favorite television character, why not name your pet after him? Who wouldn’t want a bunny named Sherlock or kitty called Katniss? If you’re inspired by any person in your nation’s history, you can use their name as well. Anything is up for grabs. If you name them after someone you love, you’ll smile every time you hear their name called.

4 Merge Together

Merge TogetherThis is becoming a trend lately. If you’re having trouble picking between two different names, try merging them together. The result might be a catastrophe or it might be sweet sounding. If you’re having trouble being creative, use Just replace ‘your name’ and ‘spouse name’ with the two names you’ve been thinking of using.

5 Favorite Food

Favorite FoodWhat kind of food does your dog try to steal off of your kitchen table? What does your kitty always swat at because she thinks it’s a toy? In the same way you can create a name by figuring out your pet’s personality, you can create one by looking at what they like to eat and play with. Just don’t name a pet pig something like Bacon. No need to be cruel.

6 Open Ears

Open EarsIs your new pet noisy? Listen to the way your dog barks and the way your hamster chomps on his food. If the noises he makes sounds like a word, you can simply name him the word. Or if he sounds squeaky, name him something that has to do with his tone. Use your ears to find the correct sound.

7 Search the Web

Search the WebWhen all else fails, look online. There are tons of pet and baby naming websites to browse through. You’re sure to find one good name amongst the hundreds you’ll be searching through. So start looking and give your pet a name! He’ll be thankful for the time you spent on him.

The next time you get a pet, make sure his name fits him well. What’s your pet’s name? How did you come up with it?

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