7 Ways You Can Support Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month ...

By Kati

7 Ways You Can Support Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month ...

Did you know that April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month? The campaign is spearheaded by leading animal welfare charities who host a whole range of events and services that aim to both stop cruelty and raise money. And while nobody enjoys hearing stories about the horrid lives some beautiful animals have had at the hands of their owners, there are plenty of things you can do to get involved without needing tissues at the ready. Here’s some of the easiest ways to support Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month.

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Take the Pledge…

This year, the ASPCA has launched a pledge which aims to make more people aware of the plight of some animals, and garner support. It costs nothing to sign and share, and really sends a message that you are on board with supporting this cause. The higher the signatures, the more the ASPCA can hope to get in funding after Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month, too. You can sign it here: aspca.org.


Go Orange…

Orange is the color of this year's ASPCA campaign, and you can go orange in any way you like. Encourage your work to allow you all to add something orange to your outfit, make your social media orange, buy an orange support t-shirt, buy your pet an orange collar or bowl, decorate your home or office with orange ribbons… Anything that shows off your support, and gets others’ attention. I’m busy making orange cupcakes right now!


Find Your Local Shelter…

If you’ve got some time to spare, whether as a one-off or on a regular basis, get in touch with some local shelters and see if you can help out. Whether it’s taking a dog for a walk, playing with the cats, doing home visits or making feeds, you could make a big difference, and you’ll get a really proud feeling of achievement afterwards. It’s well worth the effort, and you get to meet some adorable animals, too.



Okay, so if you were going to get a new animal, you’ve probably already thought about adopting. It can have a surprisingly bad rep for no good reason, though! Adopting an animal gives it another chance at life, and is often much cheaper than buying from a breeder. It also means you can skip the bite-y, destructive puppy stage, and get a reliable, older friend who is already trained. Give a few rescues a visit, and see if your new family member is just waiting for you.


Skip Puppy Stores…

For the month of April, boycott any stores that sell puppies. Puppies that are sold for stores come from puppy farms, where dogs are bred continuously until they die. The dogs are never health tested, and the puppies often live in hideous conditions. It’s no wonder that there’s such a lot of death and illness. Even if you only usually stock up on supplies or food, you are supporting the farming. Boycott for April, and let the store know why. Then keep it going, if you can, and save more puppies from this horrible fate.

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Become an Animal Activist…

Research who deals with animal cruelty cases in your area, and write to them telling them that animal cruelty cases are a priority, and should be dealt with quickly and effectively. Make the information needed to report animal cruelty in your area well-known, by posting it on your website, or putting it on the council site, and consider setting up an animal watch team that reports any cases of suspected animal abuse. It’s surprising how many cases go unreported each year.


Do Something Crazy…

Take on a challenge, and raise some money. It might sounds overdone, but it’s so rewarding! Try getting sponsored to go white-water rafting, have a pet show, run a marathon, sell animal fete tickets, have an orange bake sale. Any amount of money can help, and groups such as Brownies and Scouts can often raise money and learn important lessons at the same time. It’s a great way to really help support Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month!

If you don’t have any free time to do something physical for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month, try to find five minutes to read up on the key signs of animal abuse, and teach your children how to behave around and respect animals instead. Every little bit helps! Have you got a great idea for raising awareness and support? I’d love to hear it!

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I love the dog

Thank you for writing about this. Animal cruelty issues need to be made more aware. I'm constantly trying to get it out there. Currently I am trying to bring awareness to animal testing. I have boycotted many makeup brands due to the fact that they've tested on animals. Refuse to support it. Ill never buy from a pet store either. My cats are adopted from shelters.

For prevention to cruelty to animals buying cruelty free products is something else that can be done. I do not buy anything that has been tested on animals.

Sure, but in the meantime what happens to those animals? They just get left to die because we're protesting something we don't agree with that isn't likely to stop anytime soon?

Great article!!

I totally disagree with not buying from pet shops. Of course, puppy mills are sick and wrong, but they're still out there. So what happens to the poor animals in the pet shops? It's not their fault they come from puppy mills, they deserve homes just as much as, if not more than an shelter animals.

I am extremely proud that you would make an article such as this! I got emotional jut by reading the article! I love animals and support them. Thank you for writing this article!

Kinda wish you had posted this at the BEGINNING of the month!!