7 Amazing Methods of Supporting Animal Rights ...


7 Amazing Methods of Supporting Animal Rights ...
7 Amazing Methods of Supporting Animal Rights ...

Animal welfare is an issue of which we should all be aware. There is so much mistreatment of and cruelty towards animals that it truly shames the human race. How can we call ourselves civilised if we don´t pay attention to animal welfare? But fortunately there are lots of caring people, so if you are wondering what you can do to support the cause, here are some excellent ways to support animal rights …

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These days, campaigning is easier than ever. With the internet and Twitter at our fingertips, a campaign can quickly be publicised and spread to thousands of people. You can sign or set up online petitions, write letters of complaint to companies (campaign sites often have template letters).


Cruelty-Free Products

We all need to use shampoo, soap etc., but many products are the result of cruel and painful tests on animals. And what about cosmetics – how can it be justified to buy products tested on animals just so that we can paint our faces? Buying cruelty-free products is an important contribution to supporting animal welfare. There are countless ranges that don´t test either the ingredients or the finished product on animals.



Demonstrations are a powerful way of standing up and showing that you believe in animal rights. I don´t condone violent activism, as that achieves nothing and makes the activists as bad as the people they criticise. Participating in peaceful protests, however, shows that there is opposition to animal cruelty and that there are people who will fight to bring it to an end.



One of the best ways to support animal rights is to follow a vegetarian diet. This way, you are refusing to support the cruel practices in the farming industry and ensuring that no animal suffers for your benefit. Even better, cut out animal products altogether. If you still want to eat meat or eggs, buy produce that has been humanely treated.



Doing voluntary work is a very proactive way of contributing to animal welfare. There are so many ways in which you can play a part. Animal shelters and rescues always need helpers to work directly with the animals, or you can organise campaigns, raise funds, promote animal welfare organisations, distribute information … there are so many ways to help, and everyone has skills that they can offer in this excellent cause.



Boycotts can be very effective in persuading companies to stop practices that harm animals. After all, their aim is to make money, and if their profits are hit by customers refusing to shop with them on the grounds of animal welfare, then they will have to take notice. Don´t simply just stop shopping with the company though, as they will not notice that they have lost one customer. Contact them and make it clear that they will not have your custom until they change their policy. For example, write to companies that use real fur in products.


Speak out

Have you ever witnessed an act of cruelty against animals? It´s important to speak out and do something about it, so that the person responsible can be brought to justice. Obviously, don´t put yourself at risk, but do report the incident to the authorities. Provide them with as much information as you can about the time and place of the incident, and the perpetrator.

It´s easy to forget about animal welfare issues and just carry on with our lives, but animals suffer in many ways because of humanity. So let´s live up to the name and be as humane as we possibly can! With a little effort and thought we can improve the lives of animals so much. Can you think of any other effective ways to support animal rights?

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