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Before you allow an adorable little furball into your life, there are a few things to consider when adopting the cat of your dreams. As a proud feline owner, I know how cute and cuddly cats can be. But I also understand that they also require a lot of attention and endless amounts of patience. So, before you take that giant leap, here are 7 things to meow over.

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Do You Understand Cat Behaviors?

This is probably the single most important thing to consider when adopting a cat. If you’re averse to your brand new sofa being used as a scratching post or your living room faintly smelling like a litter box, you might care to re-think adopting a cat. Also take into account that though they’re small, cats have an abundance of hair –and they happen to shed everywhere. And cats might scratch or bite overenthusiastic children. I’d suggest leafing through your library’s books on cats so you really know what you’re getting yourself into.


Are You Okay with an Indoor-only Pet?

Most cats remain indoors –permanently. So, if you have big dreams of walking a fuzzy pet down the street, you may prefer a dog. Since cats are quick, small, and susceptible to diseases, I’ve found that they’re better off indoors. But don’t worry: your little feline friends will still have fun in your home. There’s plenty to climb on, after all!


Do You Already Own Birds or Fish?

When you’re considering adopting a cat, don’t put the safety of your other pets on the backburner. Your stealthy new family member may very well attack birds, fish, or other small pets in your home. So, you should always place them out of reach and keep an eye on your feline.


Are You Sure You’re Not Allergic?

If you’re considering adopting a cat, you should first make sure you won’t be puffy-eyed and sneezing all the time. Before adopting my cats, I spent the night at the home of a cat owner just to make sure I wouldn’t be allergic to them. I wasn’t (thankfully), but you should be prepared to take allergy medication if you are.


Is There a No-pet Clause in Your Lease?

If there is, stop right here! If you bring a cat home and your landlord has a hissy fit (pun intended), you’ll be completely heartbroken when you have to give her up. It’s best to abide by your lease –there’s always time to adopt a cat after you’ve ready to move.


Are You Prepared for the Expenses?

Here’s an important thing to consider when adopting a cat: money. With your new pet will come routine –or even emergency -trips to the veterinarian. You might even need to spay and neuter your new pet. On top of food and kitty litter, those expenses can take a toll on your bank account. So make sure you can pay up!


Can You Give a New Cat Proper Care and Attention?

If you work late or rarely spend the night at your place, you should probably hold off on adopting until life has settled down a bit. While felines tend to be independent, they still need love and attention. Or, you can try adopting two cats, but be prepared to break up cat fights if they don’t get along. Your best bet: bring a kitty home once you have a stable job that doesn’t require crazy hours and a great living situation.

Cats are usually an absolute joy, but if you’re unprepared, they can be exactly the opposite! What steps are you taking to ensure your life with a new cat is warm and fuzzy? Which of these tips will you follow?

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I find cats to be the easiest housepet. I've had my torti for six years now and after the kitten years, she bloomed into a wonderful cat. She's actually more like a dog because she will follow me from room to room and wait for me in the shower. She's a very protective cat and very low maintenance. She wants her food in the morning and evening, fresh water, a clean litter box, and cuddles at night. That's all. The rest she provides on her own. Tortishells are great cats.

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