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When you think of animals that would make terrible pets, what do you think of? One of my college roommates once got an iguana from her boyfriend as a Christmas gift. The other girls we lived with were creeped out by the mere mention of a lizard, which made it all the more fun for my roommate to walk around with it on her shoulder. Personally, I thought it was cool. I'm only telling this story because some of you would probably put lizards at the top of your “bad pets” list. I don't blame you, but I can think of a few I'd mention first. Anyway, here's my “short list” of animals that would make terrible pets. The pictures of #3 and #5 below might bother you, but I'm putting them here because I know people who think they're cute. I think these people are nuts, but that's just me.

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Baby Chicks/rabbits for Easter

Baby Chicks/rabbits for Easter It might be surprising to find these on a list of animals that would make terrible pets, but just hear me out. Some people think it's fun to get them for their kids, but these cute babies don't stay little forever and often end up being let go once the novelty wears off. Since they've been separated from their mothers so early, they will not know how to find food and thus survive "in the wild". If you're not willing and able to care for them long-term, don't get them as pets.


Big Cats

Big Cats Despite the video on my “cutest wild animals” post (blast me for it there, not here), tigers do not make good pets. Ditto any other big cat. Besides the fact that they're always going to have the hunting instinct because it hasn't been bred out of them the way it has with house cats, these things eat freakish amounts of food; do you really think you can afford to feed it 40 pounds of steak a day? I didn't think so.



Insects/arachnids I don't think spiders are cute at all, but my aunt has two of them and thinks they're the coolest things in the world. Aside from the fact that your friends might find them creepy as hell, the only way to keep yourself safe from some of them (i.e. scorpions) is to remove their stingers. That's what I've seen done to the ones in pet stores, anyway. I think this is bad for the same reason I wouldn't declaw a cat - you're amputating a part of their body that is necessary to their survival. I've heard similar about rattlers or other poisonous snakes. If someone were to let them go (which is what often happens once the novelty of having one wears off), they can't defend themselves. Besides, why get a possibly-poisonous pet when there are so many other options?



Chinchillas These are great pets for someone willing to take care of them, but they're somewhat delicate and thus need more maintenance than some people can give. For instance, you can't give a chinchilla a bath the way you would a dog or a cat; in fact, this can make them very sick because their fur is so thick that it won't dry and opens them up to chills and fungus. They're very expensive to keep because they can cost over $100 upfront and need accessories that can easily total three times that. Also, finding a vet that can handle exotic pets can be very difficult in some parts of the country. For more information, visit mistywaterwoman.webs.com.



Rats One of my crazy freak cousins tried to trap one of the rats she saw in our basement. You wouldn't think so, but they're actually kind of cute as babies. I don't care how sweet they look, though; they do *not* make good pets. In addition to getting into the trash and chewing everything in sight, they are very prone to rabies. I've had rabies shots before (bit by a dog), and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. The post-exposure shot series is much better than it used to be, but let's just say all the needles put me off of tattoos for a while. Plus, they're expensive as hell; the shots cost us over $1100, which my insurance wouldn't even touch. Even pre-exposure shots like the ones vets get aren't cheap. It's not worth it.



Bears People don't keep these as pets so much as “adopt” the babies that come in their backyards. Even if a bear isn't trying to hurt you, they are strong - National Geographic.com says that grizzly bears can bite through a cast iron skillet! Most don't attack humans unless they feel threatened but they're still wild animals and, by definition, don't make good pets.



Monkeys/primates “Friends” fans like me probably remember Marcel, Ross's capuchin monkey. He was adorable and funny, but that's not always the case. For one thing, they need a lot of attention. A lot. If they don't get the required social interaction, they can be very destructive. They're also messy; the stories you hear about monkeys getting bored and throwing feces everywhere are true. It's possible they'll attack you when they need to assert dominance, even if they've known you for a long time.

As much as we might love them, there are some animals that would make terrible pets. It's not saying that they're bad in and of themselves; it's just that some animals should stay where they are. Exotic pets can be very rewarding; you just have to know what you're getting into. Have you ever kept an exotic pet? Which kind? If not, would you? If you could keep any animal as a pet and it would work out, what would it be? Discuss!

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Chinchillas are very cute but I have known people who have gotten them for their kids with the expectation that the kids will take care of them, but they don't. It reminds me of that flute I begged my parents to buy and let me play but I lost interest pretty quickly...they didn't appreciate this, and most parents wouldn't. Exotic animals aren't exactly cheap pets to buy and care for. Usually the mice and hamsters I see in the pet store cost less...I know it sounds awful to talk about cost when it comes to a pet but as someone with several it's a very real consideration.

My rats are the best pets I've ever had. I wouldn't recommend trying to get a wild one but one from a breeder. More often than not they don't have rabies. Any pet can be a bad pet if you look at the down side of them.

Plus, if you own a rat, it should be a domesticated pet rat, not a wild one. Duh.

Several pets, not chinchillas...sorry I didn't clarify...I would *love* one or two though, and I think two of my cats would cuddle with it. I'd take home a little baby everything if I could. My sister did.

This writer has no idea about rats at all. What a shallow narrow minded article lol Rats are extremely clean, loving, adorable and affectionate. I've been blown away at how clever and kind these animals are.

i had a rat as pet, and she was so sweet she never bite me or my little brother and sister, i think she was very funny always running and picking treats i loved her ! i think a rat is a very good pet they love climbing, running, attention, never grumpy!

The fact that rats are on this list is absolutely bullshit, if this writer had a rat they would of not put it on this list. Rats are as prone to rabies are your dog is. They are not dirty animals, they are EXTREMELY intelligent. Mine are litter trained and are trained they come when called. They are clean and such sweet little creatures. This a writer is so ignorant.

I totally agree with most of these, however rabies are actually virtually unheard of in pet rats... Unless you do catch a stray one of course, but obviously I'd recommend adopting one from a store or breeder. Many stores actually sell them as food for snakes or sell them in bulk for lab experiments, so you might even save a life! They make great pets and are insanely smart. They're very affectionate and many describe them as mini dogs because they have so much personality and can be so playful.

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