7 Highly Intelligent Animals You Probably Never Knew about ...

Both creationism and evolution tend to place us, humans, as the most highly intelligent animals on the planet. However, the line may sometimes become blurred when we discover what some of our fellow Earth inhabitants are truly capable of – or when we look at what completely idiotic things we can sometimes do. Highly intelligent animals exist just about everywhere, and I'm not just talking about chimps, dolphins or dogs here, but some other species that may surprise you.

1. The Deceptive Squirrels

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Most people would hardly count the squirrel among the most highly intelligent animals of the world. Still, many species of squirrels manage the most remarkable and unusual feats, such as covering their furs in the scent of snakes to avoid detection, creating full 3D maps in their heads to remember where they stashed their peanuts, and even putting on elaborate shows to deceive and catch those who would want to steal their prized peanuts.

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