Purr-fect Pet Infographics for Pet Owners ...


Purr-fect Pet Infographics for Pet Owners ...
Purr-fect Pet Infographics for Pet Owners ...

If you have a pet or two you will love these pet infographics. Also, if you're thinking of getting a pet but aren't sure which would be best for you and your family, these helpful pet infographics should help you make the right choice.

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Pet Food

Smaller Earth,text,advertising,poster,biology, Not sure how to choose the best foods for your pet? This is one of the best pet infographics and contains information about feeding your beloved pet. There are so many pet foods to choose from and it's difficult to know which one is going to be suitable.


Bad Foods

text,font,web page,advertising,line, This is another useful infographic and shows you the foods you should keep away from your dog. No one wants to inadvertently poison their pooch!



Our pets are also susceptible to allergies and this infographic can help limit their exposure to the irritating allergens.


Show Your Pet Some Love

SmartThings,line,vehicle,advertising,web page, Like you needed an infographic to tell you how to love your pet. In case you needed a little reminder, here is a useful infographic to show how to best love your pet.


Senior Citizens

text,advertising,poster,font,biology, Our pets don't need to collect their pension but they do need some extra care and attention as they get older. If you have an aging dog, here are some hints and tips for keeping him or her healthy and happy.


Jet Setting Pet

text,advertising,product,website,brochure, If you need to take your pet abroad then this infographic is helpful in determining exactly what you need to do for your pet.


Spaying and Neutering

Medicina,advertising,font,poster,biology, This is another interesting infographic about the importance of spaying and neutering your pet.


Pets for Health

In case you didn't know how beneficial it is to have a pet, this infographic is a great reminder of the ways in which pets are great for our well-being. If you don't have a pet and you're trying to convince your parents to get one, strategically place this infographic around the house so they 'stumble' upon it. They'll soon change their minds!


Vet Care

advertising,menu,Basic,Guide,Your, If you need a guide on what to do where vet care is concerned, check out this infographic and pop the relevant dates for check-ups and vaccinations in your calendar.


Apartment Pets

Maybe you live in an apartment in which case this infographic is useful in helping you determine which pet would be best for apartment living.


Pet Communication

text,font,line,PET,OMMUNICATO, Unfortunately, we don't speak fluent cat or dog but there are ways to determine what their subtle movements and noises mean. Use this great infographic to help you understand what your pet is trying to say to you.


Separation Anxiety

brand,diagram,line,Teach,Your, Many dogs don't like to be alone but unfortunately, work places don't allow you to take your pet pooch in with you. If you have a dog and you're looking to teach them how to cope without you during the day, have a look at this infographic.


Puppy Training Tips

ecosystem,art,advertising,vehicle,boat, Want to know some tips on how to train your puppy? This infographic should help if you have introduced a new puppy to the household.



cartoon,font,product,comics,brand, Rabbits are super cute too and if you're thinking of getting one as a pet, here is another helpful infographic.


How Much?!

Pets are a member of the family and need a lot of care and attention. This means food and vet bills can eventually add up. If you don't have a pet and you're thinking about getting one, have a look at this infographic to see how much it would cost you on average over a year. It's good to know what to expect so you're not shocked!

These are just a few infographics for all you pet owners or soon to be pet owners. Which is your favorite?

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I was aleay a dog person, until my sister got a cat, now I'm totally converted. They're funny, affectionate and sometimes complex animals, I just love them! The article was perfect, thanks!

Was never a dog lover, but now have 2 beautiful little, doggies, with whom I can't live without, so loving and an experience I'm glad I opened up to x

This article is only for dogs and cats I was expecting more pets...

Love my kitties! Thank you for this article it's great !!!!x

I've always grown up with dogs but when i was 12 we got a cat - she jumped in the box so i ended up getting her - and i can't imagine life without a cat! I'm a cat lover for life, they're sooo funny !

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