9 Wild Animals That Are Becoming Domesticated Household Pets ...


Cats and dogs are always great pets, but some people's love for exotic, unique animals can take them to uncharted waters. As a result, a growing number of wild animals are being domesticated today to serve as pets. Let's take a closer look at some of the most popular ones.

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The Fox

The Fox Foxes are wild animals that have been bred as pets since the late 1950s. It all started in the Soviet Union, and today, after a few generations of breeding, anyone living in Siberia can get their own pet fox for “only” about $8,000.



Minks For more than a century, these poor creatures were kept and grown for the quality of their fur. Today, more and more people are adopting minks as actual pets, even though taming them is not too easy.


Skunks as Pets?

Skunks as Pets? No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Breeders in North America and certain parts of Europe have succeeded in domesticating skunks. Nevertheless, legal restrictions still keep skunks from becoming common pets in most areas, especially in the UK, where removing their scent glands is considered illegal.


Prairie Dogs

Prairie Dogs Farmers don't really like them, but a growing number of people have adopted these adorable creatures as pets. Prairie dogs are difficult to domesticate once they are grown, but capturing babies in the wild and having them as pets is a growing practice.


While not your typical furry friend, prairie dogs have started to charm their way into the hearts of animal lovers seeking an unconventional companion. These social creatures form tight-knit colonies in the wild, so as pets, they crave attention and lots of interactive playtime. For those willing to invest the effort, raising a prairie dog from infancy can result in a bond akin to that with more traditional pets like dogs or cats. However, it's vital to research their specialized diets and complex needs to ensure a healthy and happy home life for these burrowing buddies.



Wallabies Wallabies are among the most unique animals that are becoming domesticated as pets today. They require a large secure yard, and they have a few unusual habits, such as salivating and regurgitating food. Australian pet owners still love them, and an increasing number of wallabies are being adopted.


The Mongoose

The Mongoose The mongoose is a cute rodent commonly kept as a house pet in India and Pakistan. Lately, it has enjoyed a lot of attention in other parts of the world as well. Since it's not bred in captivity, however, it is still illegal to keep a mongoose as a pet in the US, except for Hawaii and Puerto Rico.



Genets Genets are among the cutest wild animals becoming domesticated pets in the past few years. This animal was actually kept as a pet before, in the middle ages, and the cute cat-like creature is now enjoying a lot of popularity, as it has proved to be a unique and easy to care for pet.



Axolotls If you're tired of goldfish, here's an interesting challenge: getting an axolotl. Axolotls are a type of salamander usually found in Mexico, and they are similar to fish. Their sensitive skin doesn't do well when handled, so it's important to keep your axoatl within its cool, comfy tank at all times. With the help of an attentive and dedicated pet owner, axoatls can live up to 15 years.



Capybaras Capybaras are intelligent, loving rodents that can be some of the most rewarding pets you've ever encountered. They are extremely affectionate, and some of them even end up adopting animals themselves. Be sure to check whether they are legal to keep as pets in your area though, and remember that capybaras have a very strong survival instinct (yes, they do bite).

Animals can be faithful companions, but we must always consider the responsibility we take upon ourselves, especially when adopting species that have been completely wild until recently. What do you think about adopting wild animals? Would you like to have one of your own?


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Wild things need to stay wild it's not fair to bring it indoors then get upset when it attacks

Axolotes 😍

We should leave these animals in the wild where they belong, a big dog is perfect for me

Never heard of a ganet. I'd choose that or the fox.

I want the pink Axo thingy xx

Goodness ...really????

The Axolotls looks soooooo cuuuuuutteee!

I agree with Bobbie. There are so many cats and dogs that need good homes and so many are euthanized in "shelters" it's sad. I love animals so this was fun to see

Wild animals should stay in the wild - where they belong!


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