What Does Your Type of Pet Say about You? ...


What Does Your Type of Pet Say about You? ...
What Does Your Type of Pet Say about You? ...

As surprising as it might sound, the type of pet we have can actually reveal many things about ourselves and our own personalities! It's also true that we tend to associate with certain types of animals that we share similarities with in terms of typical characteristics and even behaviour.

What type of pet do you have and can you relate to what your pet says about you?

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Cat Cat owners are both loving and caring of those around them, always ready to help in any way that they can! They tend to be on the quiet and timid side but are very observant of their surroundings. They're also very gentle, warm and affectionate people.



Dog Dog owners are true lovers of nature; they're always up for a good adventure and anything that involves getting outdoors and staying active. They're very passionate about everything they do and love to have fun!



Bird Bird owners are the creative and innovative type who love coming up with new and original ideas. They thrive on positivity and are generally optimistic people who view the glass half full. They're always looking for ways to spread their positive vibes to those around them!



Rabbit Rabbit owners tend to be more on the introverted side and value the simplicity of life. They're quite content as long as they're doing something they love and that interests them. Although hard workers, they also make time for themselves and to have fun!



Fish Fish owners are both extremely fun and loving, making them great friends to have! They a bit of a social butterfly in the way that they love interacting with new people to develop true, long-lasting friendships.



Mouse Mouse owners are intelligent and clever, always looking for solutions to problems to gain clarity in any given situation. They have a great sense of humour and can be counted on to make others around them laugh and smile!



Lizard Lizard owners are unique in the way that they like things that are out of the ordinary. Their determination means they're eager to path their own path and learn from any mistakes made along the way. They're not one to give up, in fact, they believe in fighting through until the very end!

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People r too serious lol i thought iwas very cute !😊

So so true. Love all my animals❤️



That couldn't be further from the truth with me!

What about Chilean Rose tarantula owners???

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