35 Adorable Disney Inspired Names for Pets ...

By Katlyn

35 Adorable  Disney Inspired Names for Pets ...

I LOVE animals, and I LOVE Disney so naturally I wanted to find Disney names for pets. Although I haven’t adopted a new pet in almost ten years, I can’t wait until I am able to adopt a little kitten. I’ve already decided on a name and everything!

If you’re like me, or actually adopting a pet, here’s a list of 35 awesome Disney names for pets.

1 Pluto

mammal, ice, arctic, snow, sky,

2 Russell

balloon, hot air balloon, hot air ballooning,

3 Nala

red, mammal, vertebrate, fictional character, mouth,

4 Dory

grass, organism, plant,

5 Oliver

footwear, shoe, outdoor shoe,

6 Peter

yellow, vertebrate, fictional character, cartoon, art,

7 Daisy

cartoon, red, mammal, vertebrate, fictional character,

8 Rex

green, technology, games, fictional character, dinosaur,

9 Ellie

toddler, recreation, screenshot,

10 Sven

deer, reindeer, mammal, antler, horn,

11 Maui

vacation, tattoo, tourism, fun, sea,

12 Timothy

cartoon, yellow, vertebrate, fictional character, happiness,

13 Flynn

smile, human, product, singer, fun,

14 Abu

red, flower, yellow, petal, plant,

15 Lady

pink, cartoon, fictional character, art, illustration,

16 Sulley

blue, organism, snout, electric blue,

17 Jaq

cartoon, mammal, vertebrate, art, dog like mammal,

18 Judy

figurine, toy, flooring, play, floor,

19 Elsa

blue, purple, cobalt blue, violet, flower,

20 Todd

cartoon, fauna, mammal, dog like mammal, vertebrate,

21 Ariel

red, face, facial expression, nose, human hair color,

22 Marie

cat, cartoon, mammal, small to medium sized cats, vertebrate,

23 Jessie

toy, figurine, play, product, plush,

24 Anna

girl, human behavior, fun, computer wallpaper, fictional character,

25 Dug

mammal, nose, snout, fur, dog like mammal,

26 Jasmine

cartoon, mammal, fictional character, vertebrate, purple,

27 Tigger

cartoon, mammal, vertebrate, art, fictional character,

28 Mickey

cartoon, purple, fictional character, phenomenon, sky,

29 Lilo

green, red, cartoon, mammal, vertebrate,

30 Olaf

ecosystem, grass, organism, sky, computer wallpaper,

31 Alice

cartoon, red, yellow, vertebrate, fictional character,

32 Stitch

cartoon, fictional character, fiction, illustration, cool,

33 Simba

sky, bird of prey, bird, beak, condor,

34 Joy

blue, yellow, cartoon, anime, figurine,

35 Merida

performance, girl, singer, singing, red hair,

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