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12 Pro Tips to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy ...

By Megan

There are lots of tips for keeping your dog healthy out there. Your dog is part of the family. You want to keep your dog happy and healthy for as long as he or she is on this Earth. Being a pet parent means being responsible as your pooch is entirely dependent on you. Here are twelve of the best tips for keeping your dog healthy.

1 Mental Stimulation

Dogs vary in their intelligence. Golden retrievers, Brittany spaniels, border collies, poodles, German shepherds and other medium to large sized dogs are bright, with border collies being the brightest. Even small dogs like daschunds are bright in their own ways, such as saving their owners from house fires. All dogs need mental stimulation. Depending on the breed, dogs are capable of learning up to 200 languages and they are capable of understanding commands in two languages. Playing with your dog and teaching them new things aren’t just to exercise their body, but their brain as well. This is one of my top tips for keeping your dog healthy.

2 Playing and Walking Your Dog

dog, dog like mammal, dog breed, vertebrate, dog breed group, Dogs need to be walked. The bigger and more active the dog, the longer the walk. Outdoor play and two walks a day are important for your pet. Dogs need time to explore outside, relieve themselves, play with other dogs if they like other dogs, and sniff. Dogs learn a lot by sniffing and then programming those memories in their brain when they sleep.

3 Always Observe Your Dog

dog, dog like mammal, dog breed, nose, dog breed group, Just like you would never take your eyes off of your children when they are playing in the yard, never take your eyes off of your dog when he or she is in the backyard. Injuries or a fight with a neighbor’s cat or dog could have you going to the vet immediately. You also always need to keep an eye out for raccoons and coyotes. Raccoons can carry rabies, which is 100% fatal to dogs, cats, and humans. Always exercise great caution and keep a watchful eye out for raccoons. A coyote will lure your dog to follow it, and then the rest of the pack waits to sadly eat your dog. It’s not something any dog should have to go through. If your dog doesn’t listen and come when called right away, keep your beloved pet on a leash when out walking. If raccoons and coyotes have been a problem in your area, take them out at night on a leash even if you have a fenced yard.

4 Rabies Shots

dog like mammal, dog breed group, dog breed, dog, carnivoran, The rabies vaccine is effective in keeping your dog alive, and therefore you alive as well. Rabies is 100% fatal to humans and the most painful disease for a human to die from. Always make sure your dog’s rabies vaccine is up to date.

5 Wash Your Dog Once a Month

dog, dog like mammal, dog breed, dog breed group, snout, You don’t want to overwash your dog or it’ll strip his or her natural oils. Once a month is a suitable amount of time to wash your four-legged prince or princess. Be sure to use only dog shampoo as human shampoo is harmful to their sensitive skin.

6 Don’t Forget Flea and Tick Medicine

dog, dog breed, dog breed group, dog like mammal, street dog, Ticks carry Lyme disease which can cause numerous neurological problems in humans, and fleas are a bother, but fleas and ticks to dogs are deadly. Be sure to pick up flea and tick medicine from your veterinarian.

7 Brush Your Dog

dog, dog breed, dog like mammal, dog breed group, nose, Not only does your dog love the brushing, well most dogs, as it feels like a full body massage to them, brushing eliminates the potential for matted hair. Brushing your dog keeps their coat healthy and shiny and helps comb out unwanted things and creatures. It also allows you a chance to closely examine your dog.

8 Spay or Neuter Your Dog

dog, dog like mammal, dog breed, dog breed group, snout, Spaying or neutering your dog has many benefits. Spayed dogs have longer lifespans. Neutered dogs are less aggressive and don’t have the urge to escape out of the house to mate, potentially being hit by a car.

9 Make Sure They Have Their Monthly Heartworm Medication

dog, dog like mammal, dog breed, welsh corgi, dog breed group, Heartworms can grow inside of a dog and kill them. The likelihood of a dog having deadly worms in their body is high if they aren’t given their monthly heartworm medication. Be sure to talk with your veterinarian.

10 You Are What You Eat and Your Dog is No Different

mammal, dog breed group, dog like mammal, snout, Your dog is your furry baby and she deserves the best. Be sure to research the dog food company or make your own dog food.

11 Don’t Overwhelm a New Dog

dog, pug, dog like mammal, mammal, vertebrate, If you have rescued a shelter dog remember this poor doggy has been through a lot. Please do not overwhelm the dog by expecting it in the first few months to be comfortable with a bunch of people petting him at once, sneaking up behind her, or following commands. It’s going to take time, love, and patience on your part.

12 Give Them Something to do

dog, dog like mammal, carnivoran, skateboarding equipment and supplies, Dogs love jobs, and many dogs are trained for specific jobs such as a seeing eye dog and an avalanche rescue dog. Even though your dog probably won’t be saving skiers from an avalanche, you should still come up with jobs they can do around the home and yard.

These twelve tips will help you be on your way to a long-lasting relationship with your four-legged pal.

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