11 Ways Your Cat 🐱 Shows You 😍 Love ...

Are you looking for ways your cat shows you love? Have you ever felt like your cat doesn’t actually like you? Maybe he's aloof for a reason. Maybe he sits across the room from you and doesn’t look at you because he wants you to know he's ignoring you. Well, here is a list of 11 ways a cat shows you love (they just don’t want to be too obvious).

1. Petting

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It may seem a little trivial, but if your cat allows you to touch him, he loves you. Cats are predators. They hunt and stalk and kill. which means they’re reluctant to show vulnerability to someone they don’t trust. Any cat allowing you to touch him is a huge sign of trust. Don’t try and pet a cat before they are ready. The best way to show a cat you aren’t trustworthy is to force things. Try and allow the cat to become used to your smell and presence before you make your move. And if the cat shies away or hisses at you, step back and wait a little longer. Earning a cat’s trust naturally is way more rewarding than earning it by force. Allowing you to pet him is just one of the ways a cat shows you love.

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