Cool Reasons to Have a Lizard as a Pet for Girls Wanting Exotic ...

By Vinta

What’s that? You can adopt a DRAGON as a pet? That’s absolutely right. So what are the best reasons to have a lizard as a pet?

Dogs, cats, they’re everywhere. Why not choose to stand out a little bit? The best pet you can have that is both chill and mad cool is a lizard. If you’re interested in adopting a lizard, a great starter type would be the ‘Bearded Dragon’. Why a beardie? Here are the reasons to have a lizard as a pet.

1 They’re Easy to Take Care of

One of the best reasons to have a lizard as a pet is that they are so easy to take care of. They won’t give you sad eyes like dogs if you’re not playing with them 24/7 and they won’t bring you dead rats from time to time like cats. All you have to do is give your lizard adequate heat and a few crickets and veggies here and there.

2 They Look Absolutely Incredible

With their spiky backs and colors that range from fiery red to a cool yellow to light brown, lizards only look like they came straight out of a fantasy novel, but they’re gentle and deliberate. You won’t ever have to worry about it biting you or destroying any of your belongings. They love to get picked up and petted by you, but they also enjoy their alone time just like you and won’t demand all of your attention the way a dog would.

3 They Have Interesting Diets

Their food is inexpensive and as they grow older, they actually become 80% vegetarian, meaning you can share your salads with your bearded dragon! Can you do that with any other pet? Imagine how adorable the Instagram pictures would be with you and your lizard eating beside each other!

4 They’re Great Companions Even outside of the Container

A lizard doesn’t have to be in its glass container all day. The best part is you can even walk bearded dragons on leashes since they grow up to be 2 feet long, depending on what species it is. Imagine what a cool girl factor that would bring to your outfits.

Having a bearded dragon is like having a real life Pokemon, you can carry it on your shoulder and be the badass of your community. Are you ready?

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